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Today, digital business is much more than just an online shop. Create e-commerce with a genuine customer experience by offering your customers a cross-channel service.

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Digital product placement, the provision of information and also service processing are the key fundamentals for new business models. To make them successful, you need state-of-the-art e-commerce platforms such as SAP Commerce Cloud.

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Shape modern e-commerce: Harmonise your processes

Supporting customers with their orders, questions and problems is of the utmost importance for business success – and will remain so in the future. Digitising the corresponding processes and channelling them in portals or shops is not only the basic prerequisite for future competitiveness, but also gives you the opportunity to achieve long-term customer loyalty and to get a step ahead of the competition. With a strategy that places the focus on customer experience, and with the right technology, your customers will benefit from extensive:

  • Product information (including availability and price)
  • Ordering functions
  • Overviews of activity history
  • Self-services and content
  • After-sales offers
  • Options for product, service or machine administration
  • User and consent management tools
  • Navigation and search functions
  • Analysis and reporting options

And much more. When it comes to making your e-commerce profitable and crisis-proof with shops and portals, three aspects are crucial:

1. Consistent product data management

Whether it's a question of sales or after-sales, both e-commerce and digital services such as spare parts shops are worthless without product data. The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning simply cannot function without the corresponding product data. Extremely important details such as prices and availability are always based on consistent, high-quality data.


To achieve this, we recommend using a product information management (PIM) system. All subsystems that require product data (including price and availability) can obtain their information from this central PIM system. This ensures that the data on your website, shop, portal or marketplace is consistent, so enabling you to provide your customers with correct, reliable information in your offers or customer service.


In addition to data quality, visualisation is also a key aspect of handling data correctly at the digital touchpoints. It makes no difference whether this is in the context of after-sales (spare parts), CPQ (configuration) or traditional purchase processes. You have a huge potential here to ensure that your own commerce solution is not only state of the art, but also modern and innovative by means of 2D or 3D product visualisation or even dynamic image design, for example in the context of ETO processes or individual product configurations. In other words, whatever its form and scope, a commerce solution cannot be successful without contemporary visualisation.

2. Cross-channel sales processes

Consistent and up-to-date data also benefits the Sales department. The Sales department can only provide sound advice if it knows that spare parts really fit, or that corresponding accessories can only be installed or used with a special tool or in conjunction with a certain service.


However, commerce platforms have a great deal more to offer Sales. If customers can keep track of their own purchase history and are able to independently follow the current status even of complex purchase orders, availabilities and delivery conditions in real time, this not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also relieves the strain on the Inside Sales team and Sales department.

3. Tailored services

With e-business offers such as a spare parts shop, service processes become an important business factor. In the face of high gross margins, this area is highly profitable – especially for durable products. The after-sales business also stabilises sales, since the demand for spare parts or maintenance services is less affected by economic fluctuations.


In addition, the service area has great potential for completely new, lucrative business models. Digital services such as predictive maintenance, IoT dashboards, remote services or machine learning data are just a few examples. If customers monitor their own machines on service portals, manufacturers can specifically also provide upgrades or recommendations for these machines – which in turn can be ordered directly on the portal. Likewise, it is also possible to proactively inform customers of errors or the possible failure of a part (due to wear and tear).


Designed and implemented in end-to-end processes, e-commerce solutions are the basis for holistic, profitable customer interaction. Omni-channel, personal and in real time. You, too, can become successful in e-business. Take a look at our references and additional content. You'll find all kinds of fresh ideas for your business model, too.

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