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Investment in the future

Streamline complex approval processes. Improve visibility into customer data. Increase usability and acceptance. The Nordex Group is taking a new digital approach to CX.

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Investment in the future at Nordex Group

Why one of the major players in the wind energy industry relies on the SAP Sales Cloud

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Behind this cryptic designation lies the energy of the future. To be more exact: a wind power turbine from the Nordex Group. This listed company is among the major global players in the wind energy sector. Its core business is the production, construction and maintenance of wind turbines. A company that not only operates in a future-oriented industry, but now also relies on the future-oriented IT system SAP Sales Cloud.

Starting position

The Nordex Group’s wind turbines are highly complex products. Even when wind conditions and complex topography vary widely within a single location, the Nordex Group can configure the turbines according to customer wishes. The information on these projects has been stored in different systems up to now: Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, SAP ERP.

When planning new wind turbines, the Nordex Group also has to manage a complex approval process. A number of issues must be evaluated, from air traffic control to conservation and animal welfare. The company had long used various systems for this, each of which needed different people to oversee them. Folders with lists were carried around the offices from one department to the other. 
Different systems, little transparency, extensive and time-consuming processing – that was the starting position. The goal was clear: one solution for everything. Enable the same access options to customer data for all internal employees. Establish better documentation and transparency. Optimise processes. Increase usability and acceptance.

The Nordex Group achieved all this with the new SAP Sales Cloud solution and Sybit as a partner.


The project

  • Replace the previous CRM (Microsoft Dynamics), which was used almost exclusively for reporting requirements
  • Replace various accumulated Excel solutions
  • Set up a central customer database and a central sales system
  • International launch with 250 users in 20 countries

The added value

  • 360° customer view for all sales employees to customise strategy and production planning
  • Faster business transactions through intelligent sales management and reporting
  • High degree of user acceptance thanks to the latest user guidance and interface design

New opportunities in the Sales Cloud

  • Easily and centrally manage contacts,projects, leads and offers, focusing on opportunity management
  • Map the gate process (approval process)
  • Location- and device-independent availability of all relevant information 

Highlight: Nordex’s own web app

In this app, all Nordex specialist departments involved in a customer project can evaluate and approve the specific project risks. The evaluation is carried out using a range of dynamic questionnaires. Questionnaires are customised in the Sales Cloud, but could not be mapped in the standard Sales Cloud system due to the complex requirements. Data from the Sales Cloud is loaded and written back via OData. A set of rules is used to calculate the specific project risk depending on the evaluations of the specialist departments. This is then illustrated as a colour in the risk analysis. The system notifies responsible employees of necessary approvals for project risks via email. They can then carry these out directly in the Sales Cloud.

The central approval process, which is crucial for the Nordex Group, can therefore now be mapped uniformly in the SAP Sales Cloud.

The Sybit project method

For the Nordex Group, it was the first IT project with agile implementation. The guidelines were clear: fixed budget, fixed deadline. The overall goal was also clear, and those involved in the project worked together in several steps to define how the goal could be achieved. The agile methodology makes it possible to work effectively with precisely these prerequisites. 


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Conclusion and outlook

With the SAP Sales Cloud customer experience solution, the Nordex Group succeeded in harmonising the customer-oriented processes of a globally active corporation, improving its customer journey steering and getting itself technologically fit for the future. Patrick Baumann, an in-house SAP consultant at Nordex Group, reports that global acceptance of the system is high. 
Further specialist areas are to follow, including the service area. 

Small, quick successes

"Thanks to the Scrum method, we were quickly able to see small successes and didn’t have a cumbersome changeover at the end. This is a very beneficial approach, especially when implementing a new system, and it contributed significantly to the project’s success."

Patrick Baumann, SAP Inhouse Consultant, Nordex Group


Nordex Group

The global trend toward renewable energies is clear, and the Nordex Group is actively driving this energy transition. For over 35 years, the company has been active in the development, manufacturing, project development and maintenance of onshore wind turbines – now with more than 8,500 employees worldwide at production sites in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the US and India. 


Headquarter: Hamburg
Industry: Energie
Employees: 8.500
Solutions:  SAP Sales Cloud

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