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State-of-the-art digital technologies such as SAP Emarsys enable you to market products and services in real time, addressing customers in a way that increases customer loyalty and provides a lasting boost to your sales processes.

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What capabilities should a marketing solution provide?

Marketing is increasingly becoming a key player in all customer-oriented processes. So what can be done to make it as powerful as possible and how can its success be measured?

The key to achieving a lasting improvement in marketing processes is to establish a data-based view of customers and their interactions across different systems and channels. When it comes to making good use of this data, the following three aspects of marketing are crucial.

Platforms for data-driven marketing

If you want to use customer data effectively, you need marketing platforms that not only cover all the relevant functions, but also offer interfaces to the other systems in the company (such as the CRM system or online shop).

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Both technologies can become a decisive factor in the successful handling of Big Data. To be more precise, they are the key to efficiently analysing and evaluating large, unstructured quantities of data.

Marketing automation

With automated campaigns, for example, suitable software can ensure scalability, relieve the strain on the marketer, segment large and differentiated target groups, and create scoring options that can be used, for instance, for predictive lead nurturing processes.

The customer experience solutions provided by SAP, in particular SAP Emarsys, lay the technological foundations for achieving these three things. By living its processes end to end, the marketing team can then achieve the following:



  • New sales opportunities
  • Higher conversion rates and lead generation
  • Buyer enablement
  • Sales enablement
  • Improved customer experience

New sales opportunities

New sales opportunities in that integrated, personalised and cross-channel campaigns can be carried out quickly and in a scalable manner.

höhere Conversion Rate

Higher conversion rates and lead generation

Higher conversion rates and lead generation in that the system (for example with AI) helps you understand customers and deliver relevant interaction in real time.

Buyer Enablement

Buyer enablement

Buyer enablement thanks to active support along the digital customer journey with a view to optimising the purchase process and thus increasing sales, reducing terminations and improving customer loyalty.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement

Sales enablement thanks to the creation of outstanding added value for the sales department, namely the genuine qualification of leads, also using nurturing and scoring models.

Bessere CX

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience in that only relevant content is provided and gaps in the customer journey are closed.

If you want to successfully design a customer experience across all channels, then data-driven, automated marketing is an absolute must – as is the cooperation between the Marketing and Sales staff as a team. Would you like to learn more? Take a look at our references and additional content. You'll find all kinds of fresh ideas for your marketing processes, too.

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