Foto Mgmnt Board

Foto Mgmnt Board

Our Management Board

Treating our customers as equal partners in our consultancy work is part of our corporate philosophy. All Management Board members have many years operational experience and strategic know-how in their areas of expertise. Open and value-focused collaboration and customer benefit are at the center of our activities. The Management Board has a clear picture of how we improve our customers’ efficiency. To realize this vision, Sybit is in a continuous process of development as a community.

“We optimize your business processes and develop digital strategies geared towards your corporate value chain. Competently, reliably, hand in hand – because truly good results can only be achieved by working as equal partners. We are convinced of that.”

Thomas Regele, Chief Executive Officer

“It’s a People Business. Qualifying and motivating our employees provides the basis for the success of our projects. Consequently, we make a point of promoting a good mix of expertise, fun and enthusiasm for the daily business, wherever that is possible. We offer scope for personal development in both career and private life.”

Birgit Beierer, Chief Finance Officer & HR-Manager

“Reviewing your company’s requirements comprehensively, we can optimize processes and increase efficiency sustainably. Our approach is to combine the views from the business and the IT perspectives strategically and operationally to create comprehensive integration at all levels.”

Marco Werth, Chief Operating Officer

“We don’t just provide advice to companies on customer focus – we live it every day. Because without people you cannot successfully implement the digital transformation.”

Thilo Kerner, Chief Revenue Officer