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Great shopping experiences, high customer loyalty, automated campaign management for the perfect customer journey, that's SAP Emarsys.

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Fast company results

The omnichannel customer engagement platform that delivers company results fast.

Today’s customers are more digitally integrated and, depending on the quality of their experience, use more channels and more brands. Customers are looking for result-oriented journeys and the opportunity to manage phases and interactions themselves across all the channels.

The resulting data supplies more in-depth insights into customers and facilitates the automation that is essential for ongoing omnichannel personalisation. As a result of the accelerated changeover to digital first, combined with the increase in data protection and consent regulations, customer data has become even more valuable in optimising the customer lifetime value.

SAP Emarsys enables marketers to create, launch and scale personalised campaigns across channels, and so improve their business results.

SAP Emarsys offers you

  • Templates for strategies and tactics
  • Target groups and segmentation
  • Content and design for personalisation
  • Real-time recommendations and campaign optimisation
  • AI-supported insight analyses
  • Success measurement

Your added value

  • Leading platform for omnichannel customer communications
  • Customer retention management based on loyalty events
  • AI-supported findings to increase conversion rates
  • Personalised, cross-channel, real-time communication
  • Flexible and scalable platform for integrated, automated marketing
  • Market-leading solution for personalisation according to a Gartner evaluation

Key Features of SAP Emarsys

Integrated data layer

Consolidate, optimise, activate. Emarsys makes linking sales, product and customer data child’s play. This means that you can concentrate on a successful customer experience while improving your results at the same time.

Cross-channel integration

Expand your Emarsys customer engagement platform. Use top-class integrated solutions to standardise data, personalise campaigns, boost growth and improve business results. We will help you throughout the entire process – from personalising your chosen commerce solution to optimising relevant open-time content and finally delivering a tailored product.

Cross-channel marketing execution

Link and use customer engagement across various channels. The cross-channel marketing platform from Emarsys helps marketers to reach customers wherever they happen to be – and with the right content. The AI-supported e-mail platform provides a good balance between complexity and user-friendliness. Segment your contacts, personalise content and integrate e-mails into your cross-channel campaigns.

Omnichannel strategies and tactics

Reduce the time to value through progressive marketing automation. Simplify the process of implementing campaigns thanks to ready-to-use, fully adaptable templates for automation based on the best practice processes of the most innovative brands. The ready-to-use strategies and tactics reduce your time to value, increase agility and boost sales.

Personalization Engine

Reach the person behind the message. Find out what your customers are interested in and what they are looking for. On this basis, you can then develop sophisticated, personalised campaigns for all channels.

Customer lifecycle management platform

Achieve high impact and added value with every interaction. SAP Emarsys provides an integrated AI-supported platform where you can bring customer, product, sales, transaction and behaviour data together. This enables marketers to create dynamic segments, personalise interactions, and generate detailed reports and analyses that are broken down by lifecycle phases. This makes it possible to recognise where profits are generated.

Intelligence and analytics

AI-supported analyses. Marketing with an exponential impact. Measure the effects of your marketing campaigns on sales, forecast campaign results and optimise future performance with ease – without the need to deploy your own data team. Emarsys will give you far-reaching insights into your marketing activities and customers. What’s more, it will make suggestions for proactive interactions so that you can achieve the maximum impact.

Marketing automation

Put integrated cross-channel campaigns into action quickly and flexibly. Your customers use an increasing number of channels to obtain information. Using SAP Emarsys, marketers can conduct simple campaigns on one channel at a time or develop sophisticated, cross-channel journeys on a large scale.

Cross Channel Campaigns with SAP Emarsys

The Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform is used by over 1500 brands worldwide to drive business outcomes via 1-1 personalized cross channel marketing campaigns.

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Omnichannel Retail Excellence with SAP Emarsys

In our fast-paced, ever changing retail environment you need to grow online, mobile and store sales across multiple channels. Emarsys helps bring together and connect data from stores, ecommerce, mobile app and marketing channels into a single customer engagement platform. Our platform, built specifically for retail brands helps you to improve new customer acquisition, reduce cart abandonment rates, increase new to loyal customer conversion, improve average order values and customer lifetime values.

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