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Transform your customer service

SAP Service Cloud (V2): New & even better

Transform your customer service and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales by networking service processes across your company. Make your customer service mobile, consistent, smart, binding and, above all, value-adding.

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The new SAP Service Cloud: now even better

Strengthen customer relationships through digitally optimized end-to-end service processes. Use the SAP Service Cloud (V2) to redesign your customer service. Provide your customers with a consistent experience across all communication channels, give your service staff convenient access to comprehensive and relevant information - even on the move - and provide your service managers with real-time insights into the performance of your customer service teams and field staff.

Intelligente Technologien & KI unterstützen den Work-Flow

Kundendaten aus allen Kanälen bündeln

Service-Mitarbeiter sehen alles auf einen Blick

Kundentickets höchst effizient bearbeiten

SAP Service Cloud V2

Your added value

  • Excellent customer relationships and therefore satisfied customers
  • Reduced processing times & costs
  • Motivated employees
  • Optimized / higher solution rates
  • Efficient sales and cost planning
  • Additional cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Support through knowledge database

SAP Service Cloud functions

  • Service ticket intelligence
  • IoT Services
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest data protection guidelines
SAP Sales Cloud Features

Service ticket intelligence

Thanks to the machine learning application for the SAP Service Cloud, service requests received via email or social media channels, for example, can be automatically analyzed, categorized and forwarded to the right service employee. This not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also reduces the potential for frustration among your customers.

Lead Intelligence sales cloud

IoT Services

Added value through the Internet of Things only arises when IoT data can be linked to existing master and transaction data and integrated into existing processes.When used correctly and tailored, IoT-generated data provides insights that not only increase your added value, but also the customer experience.

Sales planning & pipeline simulation

Predictive Maintenance

Support automation helps to preventively diagnose and resolve problems with connected devices. This not only reduces maintenance and repair costs, but also enables the design of significantly more efficient processes.

Comprehensive collaboration in the Sales Cloud

Customer Loyalty

Transactional customer service fulfills the wishes and needs of your customers. Customer problems offer the best opportunities to create loyal customers. Preventive support or on-point interaction - exceed your customers' expectations with the service solution and set new standards.

Guaranteed compliance with the latest data protection guidelines

Guaranteed compliance with the latest data protection guidelines

SAP is committed to protecting the privacy rights of all individuals whose data the company processes. SAP demonstrates its commitment to data privacy and security by integrating privacy and confidentiality features into products and services and by adhering to global AI ethics guidelines and privacy standards. A data protection management system ensures compliance and maximizes data security.

Challenge Accepted! (Video)

What is the biggest challenge for every service manager? Get a continuous overview from problem to solution so that your service keeps getting better - with SAP Service Cloud.

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Information sharing (video)

In today's digital-first economy, sales and service must be able to efficiently share detailed information about each customer and gain insights from their interactions with all customers to drive value across the entire customer lifecycle.

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The new SAP Service Cloud version 2
is better than ever before

Optimize customer service with AI

With the new SAP Service Cloud V2, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Generative AI
    Increase the efficiency of your employees with automatic summaries of cases and emails. With enhanced productivity through AI-driven solutions and real-time insights, streamline workflows and improve customer engagement. Transform your service management today.

  • Solution suggestions  
    Help your employees solve cases faster by giving them recommendations based on similar cases.

  • Case categorization and sentiment analysis
    Optimize service processes and increase customer satisfaction with automatic ticket categorization and sentiment analysis.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
    Use the IoT for proactive customer service and extend the life of your assets with automatic notifications.

Optimize your customer service with AI

Stay agile in customer service

Stay flexible to adapt your customer service quickly and easily to changing situations.

  • Flexibly scalable basis
    Increase flexibility and adaptability with API-first and microservices-based technologies.

  • Development environment with no or little code
    Accelerate the expansion and customization of your customer service solutions with a development environment based on SAP BTP.

  • Customized app compositions
    Create unique customer experiences by extending the core solution with toolsets that enable the rapid development of new, specialized apps.

Agility Customer service

Easy company-wide integration

By integrating your entire organization, you can accelerate problem resolution and deliver on your brand promise by overcoming siloed systems.

  • Networking with the back office 
    Connect customer service with relevant data and processes to effectively resolve customer issues through seamless integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

  • Connection to sales, commerce and marketing 
    Optimize the customer experience and drive business growth by aligning customer service with other customer contact areas such as sales, commerce and marketing.

  • Seamless connection with SAP Field Service Management  
    Accelerate service delivery from initial customer contact to final resolution by seamlessly integrating your contact center with field service.

  • Interact with experience management solutions 
    Increase customer satisfaction by listening to your customers and taking action based on customer analytics.

Networked company

Accessibility on all channels (omnichannel)

Increase customer satisfaction with fast, reliable and personalized service across all channels.

  • Cross-channel experience design
    Create a smooth, consistent experience across different contact channels such as chatbots, phone, messaging apps, email and social media.

  • Customer self-service with AI
    Optimize the customer experience with intelligent self-service solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Service employee platform
    Give your employees access to comprehensive contact histories and customer data for fast and personalized service.

  • Automatic customer identification
    Speed up your service processes with automatic customer identification, dialog boxes and intelligent routing functions.


Service auf allen Kanälen (Omnichannel)

Knowledge database: Quick access to relevant information

Your service team is well prepared to significantly improve customer satisfaction thanks to quick access to relevant information and insights.

  • Employee-centric platform
    Optimize your team's workflows with a consolidated workspace based on contextual knowledge and comprehensive customer insight.

  • Seamless process connectivity
    Enable your service agents to handle requests at lightning speed with one-click access to knowledge and seamlessly connected processes.

  • Microsoft Teams integration  
    Make it easier for your employees to access experts through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.

Quick access to relevant information

Efficient case management

Fast problem solving and sustainable customer relationships thanks to suitable tools and support for service employees.

  • Case designer: Efficient
    Service processes for optimum results and rapid value creation.

  • Case management  
    Accelerate problem resolution through cross-departmental management to leverage the right expertise for customer issues

  • Guided workflows  
    Support employees and increase speed, quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Agility  
    Adaptability under changing conditions through flexible customization of customer service workflows.


Efficient case management

The power of comprehensive analytics

Deeper insights for smarter business decisions:
Comprehensive and timely analytics continuously increase customer satisfaction and strengthen business performance.

  • Tracking and monitoring
    Monitor and track service operations through real-time predictive analytics. Identify service trends and patterns through real-time tracking and monitoring analytics, and take targeted countermeasures when needed.

  • Deep insights into customer profitability
    Identify your key customers and keep track of costs and revenues.

  • Proactively solve customer problems with IoT data
    Use alert features to detect and handle incidents early before they escalate into problems

  • Embedded analytics
    SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition, allows you to create reports, dashboards and visualizations and embed them into your business application to make informed decisions.

The power of real-time analysis in service

Switching from Service Cloud V1 to the new V2

We are happy to support you with our many years of expertise in planning the switch from SAP Service Cloud V1 to V2. Our team of experienced consultants and implementation experts are on hand to ensure that this transition runs smoothly. We want to ensure that you can make the most of the many benefits of the latest version.

  • Consulting for the transition
    Our team of experts offers comprehensive consulting services to help you plan and make decisions for the move from SAP Service Cloud V1 to V2. We analyze your individual requirements, present you with the new functions and improvements and work with you to develop a tailored strategy for the migration.

  • Practical implementation
    In addition to consulting, we also actively support you in the practical implementation of the migration process. Our experienced team will configure, customize and integrate SAP Service Cloud V2 into your existing IT infrastructure. Through precise planning and execution, we ensure a smooth transition, minimize downtime and ensure that your business processes run continuously and efficiently.

  • Key considerations during the transition
    When moving from V1 to V2, there are important aspects to consider, such as data migration, training for the team and adjustments to existing workflows. Our team will identify and address these key considerations to ensure your organization can seamlessly transition to the upgraded version without disruption. As an experienced partner, we are here to help you with any challenges and ensure a successful transition.


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Consulting Transition Service Cloud V1 to V2
SAP Service Cloud DESMA

„Sybit not only implemented the project well in terms of results, but also provided us with uncomplicated and flexible advice throughout the entire process.“


Andreas Brand, Head of Technical Service DESMA


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SAP Service Cloud at Bühler

"The main reasons for choosing Sybit as a partner for this project were their good experience from previous projects, their industry experience and their SAP expertise. We find the collaboration to be a very pleasant partnership."


Benjamin Kuonen, Head of Digital Customer Platforms at Bühler AG

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Field service is your hobby?

Then equip your service staff with the right knowledge at all times. No matter where, no matter when! In addition to excellent field service planning, SAP FSM also offers crowd service tools.


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SAP Award for global project quality
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SAP Quality Award DE for the Wagner Group
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Digital Commerce Award 2023 for the Bühler Group
SAP Quality Award CH for the Kistler Group
SAP Quality Award CH for the Kistler Group

Problems & solutions

How is the SAP Service Cloud implemented in our company?

The implementation of the SAP Service Cloud takes place in several steps, including requirements analysis, planning, data preparation, configuration, integration, testing, training, go-live and ongoing support. The exact duration depends on the company size and complexity. Working with our experienced SAP experts is crucial for a successful process.

Kann die SAP Service Cloud in bestehende Systeme integriert werden?

Ja, die SAP Service Cloud kann in bestehende Systeme integriert werden. Die Plattform bietet flexible Integrationsmöglichkeiten und Schnittstellen, um eine nahtlose Verbindung mit anderen Unternehmensanwendungen, ERP-Systemen oder Lösungen von Drittanbietern zu ermöglichen. Dies erleichtert die Zusammenarbeit und den Datenaustausch zwischen verschiedenen Systemen, um eine ganzheitliche Sicht auf die Kundenbeziehungen zu gewährleisten. Die Integration kann an die spezifischen Anforderungen und die IT-Infrastruktur eines Unternehmens angepasst werden, um eine effiziente Nutzung der SAP Service Cloud zu ermöglichen.

Does the SAP Service Cloud support mobile applications?

The platform is designed to provide an optimized user experience on various mobile devices. Mobile applications allow users to access relevant customer data, service requests and other functions while on the move. This promotes employee flexibility and mobility, enables rapid responses to customer needs and helps to increase efficiency. Mobile support is an integral part of the SAP Service Cloud to meet the requirements of modern, flexible working environments.

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