Corporate Social Responsibility

Accepting responsibility has always been a part of our corporate culture. This includes providing top-class performance in the consulting work for our customers and in the development of pioneering new technologies as well as developing our company sustainably with a focus on people. We treat our customers, partners, and employees as equals, and we place attractive working conditions as well as the reduction of our ecological footprint at the center of our sustainability efforts.

Economic context

Always focusing on our customers

Vast project experience and a passion for new technologies provide the foundation for the high quality of our consulting work and the high level of customer satisfaction. In a highly dynamic market, we offer efficient solutions with sustainable impact, always aiming for a long-lasting, trusting relationship working together as equal partners.

Keeping the finger on the pulse – with the latest technologies

The digital factory continues posing new challenges to our customers. To be able to support them with the most efficient solutions, we are continuously investing in the know-how of our experts as well as in new equipment and products. We observe trends and are constantly developing our product range and our consulting services.

Always aware of our responsibility – thinking today about the needs of tomorrow

To us, acting sustainably includes striving to secure revenues and prosperity for the long term. Efforts to achieve the right balance between efficient deployment of human resources, investment in know-how development, and measures to maintain liquidity therefore form a key part of our sustainable corporate strategy.

Ecological context

Always environmentally aware – using green energy and energy-efficient workspaces

As a digital company, we are aware of the importance of  energy-efficient processes. Our efforts in this area start at the very basic level, with efficient workspace design and the sourcing of 100% green energy from a regional electricity supplier.

Always fair – organic and Fair Trade products for our employees

Regional and sustainably produced products also play a large role in our employees’ daily lives. Besides providing organic coffee grown under fair and sustainable conditions, we also source our milk and fruit from certified organic producers.

Always mobile – low-impact travel

Our experts regularly visit customers at their premises. We therefore try to minimize the ecological footprint of the company’s business travel by giving our employees railcards and choosing low CO2 emission vehicles as company cars.

Social context

Always focusing on the employee – our staff benefits

Our employees’ health and job satisfaction have played a key role for us since the company was founded. We therefore make conscious efforts to promote further training, respectful interaction, and a good work-life balance. We do this through our in-house training academy, flexible working time models, and enabling working from home. Deals with  fitness studios and swimming pools throughout Germany are helping our employees to keep fit and relax from the demands of the working day.

Always engaged – Sybit employees do their bit

Social engagement is important to our employees as well. We give blood for the German Red Cross every year, and thanks to a special arrangement this actually happens during working hours. And our employees regularly support the children’s rights organization terre des hommes with donations in kind.

A good feeling – for all of us.

Always regional – we become involved in social projects

Our links with the local communities on Lake Constance, in Offenbach, and in Hanover are illustrated most clearly by our involvement in social projects. We support local associations, schools, and organizations regularly with donations and through collaborations. At the national level, we are involved particularly in the area of “children and education”.

  • IT projects at technical secondary schools
  • Donations in kind to social institutions
  • Sponsoring regional sports events
  • Financial donations to the regional group of the “Deutsche Tafel” charity 
  • Financial donations to “Kinder in Not e.V.”
  • Financial donations to “Pestalozzi Kinderdorf”
  • Converting travel allowances into donations to charitable institutions
  • Ad-hoc donations as part of disaster response efforts