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Digitalize sales processes

SAP Sales Cloud - Sales 4.0

Sales 4.0: Smart. Efficient. Connected. Digital. With SAP Sales Cloud, you can digitize sales processes, accelerate deals, inspire customers and always work mobile and independently.

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Sales 4.0 with a complete overview

Sales 4.0 is more than just classic customer relationship management (CRM): optimize sales processes - inspire customers - work mobile and independently. From salesperson to customer expert: you always have customer data, analyses and sales forecasts at your fingertips, can easily exchange information with colleagues and already know today what your customers will want tomorrow. With the SAP Sales Cloud, you can manage your customer processes unerringly, anytime and anywhere.

State-of-the-art sales management

Full transparency across the pipeline

AI-supported forecasting

Faster deal closing

SAP Sales Cloud (V2) - Sales 4.0

SAP Sales Cloud offers you

  • Simple and centralized management of contacts, leads, opportunities and offers
  • Availability of all relevant information regardless of location and device
  • Intuitive user guidance and state-of-the-art user design
  • Intelligent analysis & forecast functionalities
  • Email, calendar, telephony and SharePoint integration
  • Machine learning: automatically identify promising leads and opportunities

Your added value

  • Faster business transactions thanks to intelligent sales management
  • More turnover through optimal customer care
  • More time for your customers thanks to comprehensive administrative relief
  • Maximum user acceptance thanks to state-of-the-art user guidance and interface design
  • Smooth and efficient collaboration between all members of the sales team
  • Dashboard view for guided selling

SAP Sales Cloud Features

The diverse functions of SAP Sales Cloud form the core of a comprehensive sales management system that supports companies in optimizing their sales processes and increasing their revenue.

  • Next Best Action
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Digitize & control sales processes
  • Sales planning & pipeline simulation
  • Exploit cross-selling and upselling potential
  • Comprehensive collaboration
  • Real-time reporting
Next best Action - SAP Sales Cloud V2

Next Best Action

Next "BEST" Action - align your next steps specifically to the current needs of your customer. This is the only way you can provide the right information and score points with the best offer. This will ensure that your actions are targeted and efficient.

Lead Intelligence - SAP Sales Cloud V2

Lead Intelligence

You can calculate which prospective customer will become a real sales opportunity and which contact points have an influence on lead nurturing. Make system-supported decisions based on intelligent evaluations that your system continuously acquires from the collected data.

Digitize & control sales processes

Digitize & control sales processes

The basis for your sales management is complete, comprehensive and current data. When you digitalize sales processes, you have all the relevant information at your fingertips at all times in a clear and interactive form. The result: targeted planning, management and control of your digitalized sales activities

Sales planning & pipeline simulation

Sales planning & pipeline simulation

Use the latest data to drive your sales planning forward with system support. Get precise information about your leads, opportunities and sales prospects. The pipeline simulation provides an outlook on the expected development of your sales funnel. This allows you to identify gaps at an early stage and take targeted countermeasures.

Exploit cross-selling and upselling potential

Exploit cross-selling and upselling potential

After the purchase is before the purchase: long-term customer loyalty guarantees continuous sales. Thanks to comprehensive knowledge of purchase history, interests and current trends, you can recognize cross-selling and upselling potential at an early stage and exploit it to the full.

Comprehensive collaboration

Comprehensive collaboration

Is your mailbox bursting at the seams? An interactive platform is much more efficient for exchanging information about important offers or customers with your colleagues: This is where cross-functional teams communicate directly and contextually, exchange knowledge and drive topics forward.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

If you want to hold your own in competitive markets, you need more than classic, historical reporting. Up-to-date evaluation options that you can easily use and network at any time ensure that you are always one step ahead.

SAP Sales Cloud Overview

SAP Sales Cloud is a mobile-first solution that focuses on the four key areas that help your business act faster, become more relevant, have a strong presence and sell more - watch the video to learn more.

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Innovations in SAP Sales Cloud V2

The new intelligent Sales Cloud (V2) will significantly ease the daily operations of sales teams with groundbreaking innovations. This evolution promises to enhance efficiency and productivity in sales, aiding companies in achieving their sales goals even more successfully.

Below, we'll delve into the key innovations of the new SAP Sales Cloud.

  • Guided Selling
  • Pipeline Management
  • Dynamic Route Planning
  • My Workspace
  • AI for Forecast Accuracy
  • AI for Dynamic Visit Planning
Guided Selling

Guided Selling

Guided Selling in the new SAP Sales Cloud is an integral tool that optimizes various sales processes. It identifies the right sales opportunities, guides users through the sales cycle, and supports successful deal closures. The benefits include actionable insights, improved data quality, and precise recommendations. Leveraging intelligent algorithms, Guided Selling enhances the efficiency of the sales process by providing comprehensive support and higher data quality.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management in SAP Sales Cloud V2 provides comprehensive insights into the development of opportunities in the sales process. Summarizing and filtering opportunity data enables meaningful representations for sales representatives and managers. A particular strength lies in the instant identification of high-risk opportunities through visualizations, enabling proactive reactions and strategic decisions. The Pipeline Manager is beneficial for both sales representatives and managers, offering efficient opportunity management at the employee level and a comprehensive pipeline overview at the manager level. Overall, Pipeline Management contributes to making the sales process in SAP Sales Cloud V2 more transparent, efficient, and less risky.

Dynamic Route Planning

Dynamic Route Planning

SAP Sales Cloud offers extensive features for efficient route planning in sales. Field and retail employees receive tools that enable quick and efficient results. Visit planning occurs in a connected manner, ensuring an efficient planning process. Through data-driven prioritization of visits, sales personnel receive recommendations based on signals such as audit results and target metrics.

Logistics optimization considers critical factors such as opening hours, working hours, starting points, and historical traffic data to optimize visit lists. An overlay function simplifies field sales activities by visually displaying recommended routes and context-specific visit information. Overall, SAP Sales Cloud enables effective and data-driven route planning, optimizing the sales process and increasing productivity.

SAP Sales Cloud Workspace

My Workspace

The Digital Selling Workspace provides an optimal and user-centric workspace for efficient selling. In this central hub, calendar events, call lists, and daily and weekly tasks and their progress are managed. Users can view and manage important information about opportunities, including upcoming events and recommended actions to facilitate deal closure. Additionally, the Workspace provides a quick overview of recent calls to optimize sales activities.

AI for Forecast Accuracy

AI for Forecast Accuracy

With the new SAP Sales Cloud (V2), you can increase the accuracy of your forecasts, identify risky opportunities, and increase success rates thanks to integrated artificial intelligence (AI). The embedded AI provides recommendations on tasks or interactions to improve forecast accuracy. Integrated AI conducts ongoing correlation analyses to identify relationships between salesperson behavior, opportunity success rates, and other complex variables. Sales managers can effortlessly review forecast accuracy and model various potential outcomes through data-driven analyses of the likelihood of closure.

AI for Dynamic Visit Planning

AI for Dynamic Visit Planning

Companies can benefit from dynamic visit planning with SAP Sales Cloud to reduce overhead costs and enhance logistics efficiency for store and site visits. Simultaneously, it enables improvements in scheduling and route optimization. The embedded intelligence leverages both real-time and historical data to flexibly optimize how and when field sales representatives and sales agents visit their customers' locations.

Transition from Sales Cloud V1 to the New V2

With our extensive expertise, we stand ready to support you as you plan the transition from SAP Sales Cloud V1 to V2. Our team of experienced consultants and implementation experts ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to maximize the numerous benefits of the latest version.

  • Consultation for Migration
    Our experts provide comprehensive consulting services to assist you in planning and decision-making for the transition from SAP Sales Cloud V1 to V2. We analyze your specific requirements, highlight the new features and enhancements, and work with you to develop a tailored migration strategy.
  • Practical Implementation
    In addition to consultation, we actively support you in the practical implementation of the migration process. Our experienced team takes care of the configuration, customization, and integration of SAP Sales Cloud V2 into your existing IT infrastructure. Through precise planning and execution, we ensure a seamless transition, minimize downtime, and ensure that your business processes continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Key Considerations for Migration
    When transitioning from V1 to V2, there are important aspects to consider, such as data migration, team training, and adjustments to existing workflows. Our team identifies and addresses these key considerations to ensure that your company can seamlessly transition to the improved version without interruption. As an experienced partner, we stand by your side, addressing all challenges and ensuring a successful transition.


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Transition from Sales Cloud V1 to the New V2

Customer testimonials on the SAP Sales Cloud

Von Roll Sales Cloud

"We need software that supports us in entering new markets quickly and agilely and replicating success stories."


Thomas Vetterle, Head of Global Internal Sales, Von Roll

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Success story at Nordex Acciona

„Thanks to the Scrum methodology, we were able to see small successes quickly and didn't have to pull the sheet off at the end. Especially when implementing a new system, this is a very advantageous approach that contributed significantly to the success of the project.“

Patrick Baumann, SAP Inhouse Consultant, Nordex Group

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Flexible Extensibility through SAP BTP

Your requirements extend far beyond the standard? You want to provide your sales teams with tailor-made apps and functionalities? No problem. Extend the SAP Sales Cloud sustainably and flexibly through side-by-side applications based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Following the "keep the core clean paradigm," SAP BTP keeps the SAP Sales Cloud's cloud-native environment free from complex and performance-heavy extensions, thus offering you a completely flexible innovation and extension platform for seamlessly integrated applications. Reach out to us directly for Sybit Custom Extensions. Our applications specially developed for the SAP Sales Cloud enable various sales processes, allowing you to customize your CRM perfectly to your needs, discover entirely new solutions, and sustainably improve your business.

Flexible Extensibility through SAP BTP

Flexible Extensibility through SAP BTP Integrations: Access to all information from the back office

Through deep integration into the backend, you collaborate collaboratively and efficiently in processes between sales executives and sales support in the backend with the SAP Sales Cloud. Relevant back-office information is guaranteed and available to you in real-time. With native integration into SAP S/4HANA as well as mashup technologies, you leverage the most powerful CRM and ERP networking in the market with the SAP Sales Cloud and stay informed about your customers at all times.

Flexible Extensibility through SAP BTP Integrations: Access to all information from the back office

Analytics & Reporting

Discover the power of analytics & reporting in the new SAP Sales Cloud. By integrating embedded analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud, you gain comprehensive insights into your service processes. Immediate access, continuous tracking, and comprehensive monitoring allow you to understand your real-time operations in real-time.

The provided reports not only offer detailed insights but also an effective way to understand the dynamics of your business operations. Real-time insights into operations allow you to proactively respond to developments and make strategic decisions based on current data.

Thanks to live-connect data sources, you can easily define new reports and queries from SAP Sales Cloud V2 data sources. This enables dynamic adaptation to your specific requirements and ensures transparency of relevant KPIs. Maximize your data potentials and optimize your business operations through analytics & reporting in the SAP Sales Cloud V2.

Analytics & Reporting

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SAP Award for Global Project Quality
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SAP Quality Award DE for the Wagner Group
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SAP Sales Cloud Mobile

Problems & solutions

How can the SAP Sales Cloud help to optimize our sales processes?

SAP Sales Cloud can optimize sales processes by providing real-time data and analytics to help sales people identify, track, and close sales opportunities. This leads to better customer loyalty and higher revenues

What integration options are there for integrating the SAP Sales Cloud into our existing systems?

SAP Sales Cloud offers a variety of integration options, including SAP systems and other third-party applications, to ensure it integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures.

How can the application help to identify and track sales opportunities?

SAP Sales Cloud enables you to identify and track sales opportunities by providing sales reps with tools to qualify leads, prioritize sales opportunities, and monitor progress.

What reporting and analysis functions are available in the SAP Sales Cloud?

The application provides comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities to gain insights into sales performance, revenue forecasts and customer behavior.

What types of data and information can be managed in SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud can manage different types of data and information, including customer data, products, prices, and sales histories.

Are there options for customizing the application to meet our company's specific requirements?

The SAP Sales Cloud provides customization capabilities to meet the specific needs and business processes of a company.

What security measures are implemented in the SAP Sales Cloud to protect sensitive data?

Security in the SAP Sales Cloud is a top priority. The application provides security measures such as access controls and data encryption to protect sensitive information. As an SAP Premium Partner, Sybit GmbH works closely with SAP to ensure compliance with the latest security standards will be.

Digitize sales processes: How does the SAP Sales Cloud support this?

SAP Sales Cloud supports you when you want to digitize sales processes with its integrated digital platform. It offers functions such as lead management, opportunity tracking and automated sales processes. By seamlessly integrating sales data, customer information and analytics, it enables efficient management and optimization of your sales activities.

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