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B2B Sales Platform: Knowledge Pool and Process Cockpit

By providing a B2B sales platform, companies enable their sales staff to meet demanding customers eye to eye. It also speeds up workflows.

The relationship between customers and sales staff is changing dramatically as digitisation progresses. Just a few years ago, contacting the sales department was one of the first actions in the purchasing process. These days, 57 percent of the purchasing process has already taken place by the time a customer gets in touch with a company. By then, they are already well-informed. They have been on the supplier’s website to check out the details of the products or services, they have read reviews in forums, or chatted with other users via social media.

When customers approach a company after having gained substantial information and formed an opinion, their expectations of the sales staff are extremely high. Not only are they expected to be able to answer all specific questions promptly in accurate detail. They are also meant to ensure a smooth process flow thereafter, starting with the order entry. For the company concerned this means that they must give their sales staff the tools to access an extensive knowledge pool and complete tasks speedily. Digital support is a crucial prerequisite for this.

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B2B E-Commerce Platform Optimizes the Customer Experience

With a B2B e-commerce platform, companies ensure an exceptional customer experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and their willingness to buy.

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