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What is Customer Experience?

What is Customer Experience?

The central question around customer experience is:

What do customers want?

Across all industries, customers are more informed and demanding than ever before. They expect maximum relevance and responsiveness in every contact with a company, whether it's advertising, a face-to-face sales meeting, or online services such as stores and portals. If these expectations are met, they have a good buying experience, in other words, a good customer experience.

For companies, this means that they have two main tasks:

  1. Identify at which touchpoints customers interact with them in the first place.
  2. Address what the traditional customer journey looks like before they buy a product.

Knowing this customer journey is the fundamental building block when it comes to improving the customer experience.

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What is SAP Customer Experience?

SAP Customer Experience is the leading digital technology for managing and optimizing the customer journey from first contact to purchase and service. The building blocks of the software suite consist of intelligent marketing automation, sales and service CRM, and e-commerce.

The solutions can be used individually, but ideally they are networked. In this way, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in collecting, condensing, evaluating and using valuable information throughout the company for precisely tailored customer communication, customer interaction and customer transactions.

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Central solution components of SAP Customer Experience:

SAP Commerce Cloud

Is a central and flexible platform for digital customer processes - from the store to the service portal to configuration -, allows targeted, personalized customer contact, consolidates product data in the product content management system (PCM system), offers a scalable and future-proof system infrastructure and interfaces to the SAP ERP system and to other CX solutions such as SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud.


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SAP Emarsys/ SAP Marketing Cloud

Establishes real-time contextual marketing, generates insights into customer motivations and needs, enables relevant and personalized targeting across all channels, provides Big Data management and advanced analytics, target group definition and segmentation, optimizes through real-time recommendations as well as success measurement and campaign management.


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SAP Sales Cloud

Offers optimized sales processes through simple and centralized management of contacts, leads, opportunities, and quotes, mobile availability of all relevant information (even offline), intelligent analysis and forecast functions, e-mail, calendar, and telephony integration, and can automatically identify promising leads and opportunities through machine learning, for example.


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SAP Service Cloud

Enables service teams to conveniently access comprehensive, contextual information on the go; adheres to privacy policies; provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge management, and self-service portals; delivers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities; and effectively connects to the central SAP backend.


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SAP Customer Data Solutions

Enables the maintenance of consistent customer profiles across system boundaries, provides permission-based collection of user registration data, complies with social networking and privacy regulations, delivers preconfigured integrations for CRM, CMS, and marketing, and increases visibility into customers through customer insights and analytics tools.


With the integrated SAP Customer Experience software offering, you create much more than well-tuned customer communications:


  • Move away from isolated applications to end-to-end processes
  • Supports customer contacts across channels in real time
  • Optimally implements your omnichannel strategy
  • Differentiates your digital branding
  • Delivers cloud solutions and guides customers from social engagement to receipts
  • Gives your sales force the expertise to provide outstanding customer service
  • Enables location-independent working with mobile devices
  • Increases your revenue in digital channels
  • Takes industry-specific challenges into account
  • Leverages Big Data for strategic decision making


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Why do I need SAP Customer Experience?

Companies should realize that, for the first time in history, they no longer have information sovereignty. In the digital age, customers have acquired the power to independently influence their customer journey and to co-determine their journey. A simple CRM, a simple web store or a simple newsletter will not be enough to guide this self-determined customer journey to your company. SAP Customer Experience is your digital foundation for delighting customers, increasing revenue, conserving resources, and establishing more efficient processes.

The benefits at a glance

  • Marketing: KPI-driven contextual marketing at all customer touchpoints.
  • Sales: Faster deals through intelligent management of customer information and interactions.
  • E-commerce: content, sales & fulfillment on a single multichannel platform
  • Service: High customer satisfaction with reduced service costs
  • Enterprise IT: Reduce costs by consolidating on in-memory platform SAP HANA

Why do I need an SAP CX partner like Sybit?

Especially in the area of customer experience, a deep understanding of processes that exist in a company is required - because the solutions have an impact on various areas and systems. Sybit can offer the necessary security not only through over 20 years of experience. As part of the NTT Group, we belong to one of the world's leading IT service providers that fully covers the SAP portfolio.

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    Whatever you decide, take the following points to heart when embarking on a CX project:


    1.  Keep your focus.
    2.  Don't build castles in the air.
    3.  Set yourself clear (measurable) goals.
    4.  Processes, processes, processes.
    5.  A clear concept is needed before implementation.
    6.  Get started!

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