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Information, identification, and integration

The myBühler customer portal is more than a spare parts shop

As a leading technology company, Bühler AG relies on a high-performance and futureproof solution for their customer portal. The declared aim is to offer customers the best possible service for their custom-made machines. During an initial project phase, consulting firm Sybit implemented this portal within less than six months on the basis of SAP Hybris Omnichannel Commerce. Highlights include the customer-specific mapping of the machines in use with the appropriate parts, a facility for maintaining maintenance data for each machine directly, as well as seamless integration with SAP. This phase represents the beginning of a vision that will culminate in Bühler machines being capable of communicating with the portal and ordering their spare parts themselves.

Interview with

Mathias Bösch
Head of Digital Business
Bühler AG

Gerd Bart
Solution Principal E-Business
Sybit GmbH

Mr. Bösch, you have just set up the myBühler customer portal with Sybit’s support. What were your objectives?

In the private sphere, e-commerce is a daily companion. This trend is also increasingly coming to the fore in our industry. Our main objective was therefore to offer our customers the sort of service they already know from their everyday lives and to be prepared for future digital services as well.

What does this portal offer?

Above all: information, identification, and integration. That includes making available comprehensive information on the machines and the potentially required parts. In addition, identification of the correct spare parts plays an important role. We achieve this on the one hand by mapping so-called “as-built” structures and on the other by novel 360° photographic images of the parts. And integration with their existing procurement processes is of course very important to our customers.

You decided to implement the portal on the basis of SAP Hybris. Why?

SAP Hybris is one of the market leaders in e-commerce, and adopting an SAP solution produced some strategic advantages for us. Partly because the integration with SAP still offers more potential, we see many further possibilities for the future.

How do your customers benefit from myBühler?

Direct and uncomplicated access to information about machines, parts, and the status of quotations and purchase orders is an aspect that our customers value highly. We were able to greatly simplify the order processing for our customers and increase transparency considerably.

Mr. Bart, what do you consider the highlights of the portal?

Two things impress me most: the first is the great ease with which the system manipulates the enormous volume of data available in the background and displays it in various formats. The second is the way customers navigate the portal: starting from their custom-built machine, they first see all the spare parts, can access the associated documents, order consumables, view prices, and obtain help via the Find-a-Part service.

Mr. Bösch, why did Bühler AG choose Sybit?

The decisive criteria for choosing Sybit as the partner for this project were above all the positive experience we had from past projects, their industry experience, and their competence in the area of SAP. We have found working with the company very cooperative and friendly.

Mr. Bart, what are the next steps you intend to take?

In the near future, establishing connections to digital spare parts catalogs as well as interfaces to customers’ ERP systems plus some minor functional enhancements will play an important role. In Bühler AG’s vision, the customer portal will also be expanded further and complemented by several additional functions and processes.  Topics such as e-learning, e-monitoring, and e-maintenance will no doubt come on the agenda in the future.

The Company

With its industrial process technologies and solutions, Bühler contributes significantly to feeding the world’s population, placing the focus on food security and safety. Around 65 percent of the wheat harvested worldwide is processed into flour on Bühler mills. In addition, Bühler is a leading solution provider of die casting, wet grinding and surface coating technologies, with an emphasis on the areas of automotive, optics, electronics, printing, packaging and glass.

“We were able to simplify order processing considerably for our customers.”

Mathias Bösch, Head of Digital Business, Bühler AG

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