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Success Story: Mewa's experience with SAP & Sybit

Optimal user experience and efficient customer service at Mewa

Sybit Success Story Mewa
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Mewa's realignment for excellent customer service

Over a million people, such as tradespeople and care staff, wear Mewa workwear - and 2.6 million people clean with sustainable cleaning cloths from Mewa. The company, which operates in Europe, specializes in textile management services and offers its customers a full service for workwear, cleaning cloths and company textiles. In the buy4work online store, customers can order branded items relating to occupational safety around the clock. In order to continue offering customers excellent service in these areas in the future, Mewa decided to consistently realign and harmonize internal processes and introduce new systems and tools in e-commerce, sales, service and marketing.


The Project

The project with the partner Sybit started with the introduction of target processes for cleaning cloths in the rental for sales, customer service, marketing and commerce in the pilot country UK. A completely new Mewa site was to be built here. While the initial focus was on solutions close to the standard, it quickly became clear that a consistent, cross-functional reorientation away from the standard was worthwhile - especially with a view to the rollout in 18 other countries. Numerous new solutions for CRM, 
marketing and commerce were developed - including integration into the existing system landscape. One of the largest projects: the new myMewa customer portal, which meets the increased demands of customers and offers excellent (self-)service around the clock. 


Locations in 18 countries


Contract customers

««It takes an outstanding team to achieve a go-live like this. We were able to rely 100 percent on our colleagues from Sybit during the project phase. The new customer portal means real added value for Mewa and I can only say that both my colleagues at Mewa and our customers are really looking forward to it.»»

Thomas Langner, PO Commerce about the technical Go-Live myMewa

Three customer platforms for the different divisions

Three customer platforms for the different divisions: That was the challenge. After just 6 months, the new self-service portal myMewa went live in the pilot country UK. This was followed by the launch of the Mewa UK store and the introduction of the Buy4Work store. This was followed by the consistent further development and Europe-wide rollout of the stores and the myMewa customer portal.


Three customer platforms for the different divisions


Sales automation processes, management of all campaigns & administration of consents in accordance with GDPR

Sales & Service

Lead-to-contract, qualification of leads & master data and contract management

Technologies used

SAP Commerce Cloud
SAP Commerce Cloud
SAP Marketing Cloud
SAP Marketing Cloud
SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Service Cloud
SAP Service Cloud

Customer platform 1:
The new myMewa customer portal

Whether from a laptop, tablet or smartphone - Mewa customers can manage their requests at any time in the myMewa customer portal based on the SAP Commerce Cloud. This allows customers to view data, download documents such as invoices and manage service requests digitally with just one click.

Meanwhile, personal service by phone and email remains unrestricted - but the additional communication channel is a benefit for the company and the customer: It eliminates sources of error for the service teams, provides insights into customer behavior and offers customers optimal service around the clock. Before designing the new self-service customer portal, Mewa gathered user feedback from customers of all sizes.


  • Full access to the entire system landscape with one login and efficient navigation
  • 24/7 access to current data from all Mewa systems
  • Seamlessly integrated service processes for all product divisions
  • Direct, transparent processing of customer concerns
  • Basis for further innovations due to generational and cultural change on the customer side
  • Scalability: Optimized for all company sizes
The new myMewa customer portal

Portal functions at a glance

  • State-of-the-art user guidance through responsive and fluid design including support for light and dark mode.
  • Quick and easy way to make contact thanks to context-sensitive jump-off options.
  • Mapping of service processes via service tickets in the SAP Service Cloud. 
  • Real-time retrieval of current contract information from the ERP.
  • Traceability of all concluded contracts by downloading the contracts stored in the SAP Sales Cloud.
  • Transparent view of all service tickets by retrieving all service tickets in the portal.
  • elf-service registration process for all portals and stores.
  • Independent assignment of roles and rights for individual users.
  • Display and retrieval of support teams from the SAP Service Cloud.
  • Complete representation of the customer depot through asynchronous exchange for technical locations (exchange locations), equipment (carriers) and parts lists on the equipment from the ERP.
  • Standardized master data in all processes thanks to full support of the SAP CRM data model for relationships between customers and contact persons.
  • Holistic view of the entire customer structure by linking all delivery points (locations) to a login through relationship maintenance in the SAP Sales & Service Cloud
Screenshot Serviceticket

Customer platform 2: 
Buy4Work - a store for craftsmen

Mewa's core business is the rental and cleaning of textiles. However, certain items cannot be rented out or cannot be integrated into the Mewa cleaning processes. This is where the buy4work division comes into play. A new online store should offer the best service for the target group: small craft businesses with 5 - 20 employees from various sectors such as metalworking, construction, automotive, trade & industry.

Technical highlights

  • Support for customized product catalogs 
  • Display of SALE articles and orderers based on SAP conditions
  • Connection to external PIM and DAM (images, data sheets)
Buy4Work Mewa

Customer platform 3: 
UK store for the cleaning cloth rental business

An online store specifically for Mewa's Rental Cloth Service division in the UK. The Product Finder guides customers to the right products and various self-services increase efficiency. For example, customers can view contracts and invoices or manage deliveries. Thanks to integration into the SAP Sales Cloud, contract data can also be viewed, among other things. Thanks to the integration into the SAP Sales Cloud, contract data can also be viewed and adjusted. Prospective customers can conclude contracts independently in the portal and existing customers can upgrade or downgrade their SelfService contracts.

New processes in Sales & Service

New end-to-end processes in Sales & Service

The goal in the Sales & Service division was to replace the two legacy CRM systems, which had previously been used separately by Sales and Customer Service. 
used separately by Sales and Customer Service. This meant that both areas - the rental business and the additional sales division - now had to work together in one system. 

The challenge: different work processes and solutions were to be integrated into a single, new CRM system. 

The integration of other systems such as SAP ERP, SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Commerce into SAP CRM has expanded the all-round view of a customer even further and now enables complete end-to-end processes for the more than 2,000 CRM users

From lead to opportunity 

The Marketing Cloud uses certain criteria to send leads to the sales assistants, who then arrange appointments with prospects/customers. The sales assistant uses this to plan the days and routes for the sales representatives in the field.

They have all the relevant information directly and quickly to hand when they present the Mewa products - including real prices. This allows the customer to sign digitally on the spot. A few minutes later, the customer receives an e-mail with their offer documents.

Best service directly after signing

Customer Service then draws up the contract and carries out the onboarding. To do this, it uses the activity manager specially developed for Mewa, which guides employees step by step through the work processes and the onboarding process.

If the customer has a complaint or other type of query, they can use the myMewa customer portal. From the portal, the Mewa employee receives a service ticket and can communicate directly with the customer almost in real time.

All interactions that have been carried out with the customer appear in a chronologically sorted overview. This gives every Mewa employee a 360-degree view of the customer.

Technical highlights

  • Activity manager for process optimization
  • Interaction history
  • Specially developed interfaces and convenience function for admins to derive leads from territories
  • Development of BTP apps that are integrated into the CRM
Mewa workwear


The introduction of new marketing processes simultaneously optimized and automated the sales processes. 


Over 1.7 million leads generated from marketing


new users per month

Sales and customer care campaigns

  • Segmentation and playout of various lead campaigns per country, including cross-sell and upsell campaigns, first contact and resubmissions. Data from SAP ERP, SAP Sales Cloud and extensive pre-calculations from SAP BW are used for this.
  • Playout of internal task campaigns to support customer care

Marketing campaigns

  • Segmentation and distribution of weekly newsletter, supported by multilingual product integration from the Mewa store
  • Development of various automated marketing campaigns
  • Segmentation and playout of internal communication
  • Segmentation of various offline campaigns


From an optimized CRM to a comprehensive new customer portal with the best service: together with its partner Sybit, Mewa has designed the customer journey end-to-end and created better process solutions for sales, eCommerce, service and marketing.
This was preceded by holistic process consulting on the fulfillment of modern customer needs and SAP Customer Experience (CX) Solutions. Today's system landscape and seamless end-to-end processes form the basis for the company's digital future - and are another milestone in Mewa's success story.

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