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Our service portfolio

We are the only customer experience partner you need. We optimise and digitalise your customer processes along every stage in the customer journey using the SAP Customer Experience Solutions.

We follow a holistic approach in working together with you towards solutions for your individual needs to digitally strengthen your company for future success. Let’s collaborate to bring your customer experience to a whole new level – from the first contact via marketing to the buying process in sales and e-commerce and on to after-sales in service, and this across all (customer) touchpoints.

Our Sybit service portfolio – fine-tuned for success from start to finish

From the very first step, we do everything in our power to drive your digital success forward. In all of our CX projects, we place a special emphasis on Phase 0. This is when we analyse your exact needs, particularly in the context of the existing technical infrastructure. On this foundation, we then work with you as a partner to jointly develop your goals and needs as well as tailored solution strategies for your customer experience and your unique customer journey. The entire length of the process builds on Phase 0 – this is how we guarantee a precise course of action, maximum flexibility during implementation and promising results.

Our collaboration revolves around your success at all times. Our main concern is perfecting your customer experience using the whole Sybit service portfolio – with the specialist knowledge of our experts and comprehensive, result-oriented support.

Digitalisation of your customer experience management and your customer processes in three steps

We will guide you down the path to success step by step with our services and methodical approach. Since 2008, we have been deploying agile project methodology and Phase 0, a highly efficient and flexible project approach we developed ourselves. This proved to be pioneering work, and it still serves as the foundation for our successful projects to this day. 

We carry out the digitalisation of your customer experience in three steps:


In the conception phase, we work with you to develop a digital strategy that is geared towards your company’s goals. This involves using Sybit’s own Phase 0 to jointly establish your current needs, supporting you in the conception of a unique customer experience with help from our UX design experts and using the resulting Proof of Concept (PoC) to create a simple, compact decision-making framework.

More about conception


In the implementation phase, we put in place the components relevant for your company and ensure seamless project management. In doing so, we deploy an agile and well-grounded project methodology instead of entrenched work processes – starting with UX design and continuing through development, testing and rollout.


More about Implementation


During the support phase, we foster your team with tailored training sessions and seminars. We also accompany you through the update process with our proven release management. And last but not least, our application management services (AMS) provide you with comprehensive service and support for your systems even beyond the go-live.

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Ensuring success with a (tailored) digital strategy

We place enormous value on a comprehensive and coherent digital strategy. This represents the foundation for your e-business and your long-term success. Our strategy consultants will be at your side from the very beginning of the project and help answer fundamental questions to determine subsequent project steps. We do not believe in a single, uniform strategy as a one-fits-all solution; instead, we prefer to rely on individual, integrated and tailored approaches. This is why we work with you as partners on equal footing to develop your digital strategy and maintain focus on all crucial success factors. This allows you to maintain your market position – and make it a profitable one.

By utilising excellent UX design, customer-oriented usability and the appropriate aesthetic, we create the most effective possible presentation of your product range.

Benefit from our expertise as a CX partner

Passion. Specialization. Experience.

  • Over 17 years of experience with SAP solutions for CRM, e-business and customer experience
  • More than 1,500 successful SAP projects involving customer processes
  • Expertise recognised by SAP (VAR & REX)
  • Full service from the conception of a project to long-term support for your systems – selection, licensing, optimisation, introduction and operation of SAP Customer Experience Solutions are included
  • Strategic competence and operational expertise down to the smallest detail
  • Agility in projects – stability in relationships
  • Where we work best: in medium-sized companies and in industry in the areas of marketing, sales and service and IT departments.

Benefits to you from a partnership with us:

  • Full service for the selection, licensing, optimization, implementation, and operation of all SAP CRM solutions respectively the SAP Customer Experience Solutions
  • Strategic competence and operational expertise down to the smallest detail
  • Agility in projects – steadiness in the relationships
  • The certainty that we will give our all to ensure your success

If SAP, then Sybit - your SAP Platinum Partner

We offer award-winning quality in the area of ​​customer experience in the SAP environment.

SAP Validated Expertise Partner

in the Category "Customer Relationship Management", as well as "SAP CRM Service Partner"

SAP Value Added Reseller für SAP CRM

for Cloud- & On-Premise-Solutions

SAP MEE Partner Excellence Award 2016 für Customer Engagement

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Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.

SAP Customer Experience is fourth-generation CRM

SAP Customer Experience Solutions combines technologies and solutions for all departments in an in-memory suite. Among other things, it combines features such as machine learning and the Internet of Things with classic CRM functionalities. It harmonizes all your customer data at the same time and cleans up with previous data silos. This gives your company an even more comprehensive view of your customers.

What can we do for you?

Do you have any questions about our services or do you wish to arrange a consultation? We shall be pleased to assist you and look forward to meeting you. Simply get in touch with us.

Roland Boes
Director Innovation & Portfolio
Roland Bös Sybit