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Success Story: Max Bögl's experience with SAP

Innovation is in the DNA

The DNA of the construction company Bögl consists of innovation in research and technology. This also applies to the internal sales processes. Here too, the company relies on the latest technologies - and decided to introduce SAP Sales Cloud V2. 

Success Story: Max Bögl
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Strong performance and quick overview

With over 6,500 highly qualified employees at 40 locations worldwide, Max Bögl is one of the largest construction companies in the German construction industry. Since its foundation in 1929, the company's history has been characterized by innovative strength in research and technology - from tailor-made individual solutions to structurally and ecologically sustainable overall solutions such as magnetic levitation technology. This also applies to internal processes: Here, too, the company relies on the latest technologies - and decided to introduce SAP Sales Cloud V2.


The challenge

With the increasing complexity in sales, the requirements for a high-performance CRM are also increasing. Bögl recognized that the sales teams in the two business units Max Bögl Wind AG and Transport System Bögl needed a new, user-friendly and intelligent CRM tool. The aim was to make day-to-day sales work easier and to manage stakeholder processes and projects in a standardized manner. Max Bögl Wind AG, as a manufacturer of hybrid towers for wind turbines, and Transport System Bögl, as a developer of a magnetic levitation train system, operate in an environment that has to bring together a wide variety of interests: Partners, press, politics, administration, the public.


The project

From a technical perspective, the first task was to migrate the data from the old system and then to introduce SAP Sales Cloud V2 Standalone with SSO & Serverside Outlook integration. The project team derived tasks for the next sprint in topic-related, agile workshops. Pre-defined key users accompanied the change process towards the sales teams with information on new structures and the benefits of the new solution, among other things.


Business Partner migrated


Weeks initial project duration

«It quickly became clear to us that we wanted to go down this path with Sybit. After all, it's not just about introducing a system. But one that suits our specific processes and our daily work. Right from the start, Sybit had a good technical, but also overall strategic view of our processes.»


Norman Seibold, Group leader IT SAP Logistics Max Bögl
& Michael Haußner, IT SAP Logistics Max Bögl

The benefits

High user acceptance

One point that repeatedly caused frustration among users, especially in the old CRM: performance. This is now different: the system performance of SAP Sales Cloud V2 is impressively fast and users can navigate a modern, intuitive user interface.

Seamless connections 

The server-side, seamless Outlook integration offers a number of advantages: Without having to switch between applications, sales staff can access relevant CRM data directly from Outlook. What's more, the data remains within the company network and is handled in accordance with the company's security guidelines.

Quick overview

The Digital Working Space offers simple and centralized management of contacts, leads, opportunities and offers. Sales employees have an overview of the relationships and networks of the various stakeholders involved in a project. This stakeholder management is mapped in SAP Sales Cloud V2 via customer roles.

Network overview 

Thanks to the Success4Buildings add-on developed by Sybit for the SAP Sales Cloud, Bögl now has a clear overview not only of customers and stakeholders, but also of the construction project with associated trades, GPS data, sales opportunities and deadlines. "This enables us to bring even more stakeholders together and quickly identify all opportunities," says Michael Haußner, IT SAP Logistics. The upcoming integration of Microsoft Teams should then make it possible to work together even more effectively - for example via whiteboards that clearly display the complex relationships of an upcoming maglev project.

Optimized sales processes

Complex sales playbooks specially defined by Bögl define a transparent, guided sales process with mandatory fields and quality gates in the guided selling area.

Mobile availability 

When working remotely, users benefit from the "mobile first" approach for iOs and Android and can access all relevant information regardless of location and device.

Cooperation based on trust

The result: in the new SAP Sales Cloud V2, the sales teams at Max Bögl Wind AG and Transport System Bögl have all the relevant information at their fingertips at all times in a clear and interactive form. The result: targeted planning, management and control of digitized sales activities. Seamless integrations enable the teams to communicate directly and contextually and to exploit opportunities profitably.


«The support from Sybit, also in the communication with SAP, was outstanding both professionally and personally. On such a basis, we are happy to continue on this path, as other departments at Bögl are also interested in the new solution. It is clear to us that Sybit is the partner with whom we can achieve our goals.», so Norman Seibold und Michael Haußner, IT SAP Logistics Max Bögl

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