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Success Story: KWC's experience with SAP & Sybit

New distribution from 0 to 100

How KWC built a completely new, digital sales organization in just 6 months after a carve-out - and today benefits from more transparency and functions

Success Story: KWC's experience with SAP
KWC: 300 Employees
KWC Hauptsitz
Headquarters in Unterkulm, Switzerland

The challenge - New sales from 0 to 100

Sales work in the construction industry


Sales work in the construction industry is already complex enough in itself. Comprehensive networks of relationships and the immediate focus on construction projects are just two keywords. If the sales organization has to be newly founded and work from 0 to 100, the challenge is perfect. This situation was faced by KWC Group AG, a system provider for sanitary fittings, fittings and water management systems. After a carve-out from a larger group - with seven countries plus the corresponding plants in the luggage - the company was newly founded, without IT systems and a new sales organization. Half a year later, there was no longer a rooster in new sales - after a unique SAP Sales Cloud project, the sales teams now have more transparency and functions available than ever before.


Transparency is crucial

The basis for modern and successful sales work in the construction industry is the procedural transparency around a building object. Specifically, this means mapping the following aspects:

  • Sales to the end customer
  • Sales direction planning customer
  • Sales Direction Paying Customer


In the construction business, it's customary to have tendering processes involving various stakeholders in the buying center and numerous potential contractors submitting bids. In the case of KWC, for example, these could be plumbers requesting prices to prepare corresponding offers. If the plumbers are from different regions, KWC may have different sales representatives, possibly even branches in different countries, each with different pricing structures. The same applies to architects. Additionally, with KWC serving diverse business customers ranging from hospitality to sanitation and water management to hospital equipment, the sales team must coordinate various tenders, sales representatives, branches across different countries, contractors, and potentially multiple planners and projects – as a building project could be part private and part commercial.

Full transparency with the Sales Cloud

Mapping such complex sales networks is a challenge in itself, especially without a digital sales tool. However, a system copy was out of the question for KWC. The company saw the greenfield as an opportunity to drive innovation and ultimately build a CRM that is perfectly tailored to its needs. This was one of the reasons why Sybit was chosen as a partner, says David Kelling, Head of Business Applications Commercial at KWC. Together, KWC and Sybit implemented the SAP Sales Cloud in just a few months and created decisive optimizations for sales as soon as the system went live.

Volle Transparenz mit der Sales Cloud

„Securing data masses from the old systems and rebuilding a CRM that not only offers our sales team the old functionalities but really propels us forward was the task. We greatly benefited from Sybit's deep process understanding and extensive experience in the construction industry. Crucial was that, thanks to excellent communication, firstly, we were always able to set the right scope for implementation and, secondly, fully involve the employees."“

David Kelling, Head of Business Applications Commercial bei KWC

More than doubled price acceptance rate

Now, the many advantages are evident. Prior to the new system, the rate at which prices offered by the sales team were directly accepted ranged between 10 and 30 percent. Currently, prices are accepted in 60 to 70 percent of cases – without a decrease in the volume of offers. Specifically, between 650 and 1050 new objects are added per month, with at least one offer for each object.

The main reason for the more than doubled price acceptance rate is the procedural continuity of a building, depicted in the system. Sales representatives can directly see which opportunities are ongoing for which objects and who the competitors are. These opportunities are also divided into phases, with the end customer at the end. Regardless of the business area, the processes are harmonized, including individual product variants, so that it's clear in each sales phase who needs to do what and when. This leads to an increase in the quality of offers – which is well received by customers.

Price acceptance rate more than doubled

Fast and precise responses

This overview is a crucial advantage in collaborating with architects as well. Questions can be answered precisely and quickly – a competitive advantage. The same advantage applies to market development. The SAP Sales Cloud transparently and proactively depicts the lead-to-cash process: from the first contact through development to the order.

Next Step: B2C to benefit

KWC also benefits from the features of the SAP Sales Cloud in the consumer business. Keyword: intelligent visit planning. The system can depict what is available in which showrooms and how the sales spaces are equipped. Engagement maps can also be inserted, indicating what points a sales representative should focus on during a customer visit. This ensures optimal customer experience, as customers expect relevant information at their fingertips. This is also KWC's goal for the coming years: to create the perfect store.

Modern and enjoyable work

A highlight for KWC is the system's usability. From the beginning of the project, the focus was on what is truly used and needed – from the layout, which is now uniform throughout the group, to reporting requirements. David Kelling describes the performance between the simultaneously introduced S4/HANA Public Cloud and the CRM as "amazing. The sales team wasn't used to this." Regardless of the level at which data is entered, the back office sees the changes in seconds. "This is modern collaboration that is enjoyable," Kelling adds.

The future in the construction business

KWC and Sybit are currently working on introducing a Sybit-owned app that takes market development in the construction industry to a new level: the Building Platform Integration App. This app scans electronic construction platforms and automatically creates the relevant building objects, i.e., opportunities, in the SAP Sales Cloud for the respective sales team – a unique lead tool. Sales teams can receive push notifications, for example, when tenders are available for specific objects or when other changes occur. The CRM data is kept up-to-date with the app, significantly reducing workload.

„The collaboration with Sybit was based on equality and trust from the start. Even controversial points could always be constructively and profitably resolved. Along with the focus on optimizing sales processes, openness was the key to project success. We were like a big family with a common goal.“

David Kelling, Head of Business Applications Commercial bei KWC

But it's not over yet...

As of March 2023, the CRM is live in Germany and Austria. The further rollout in countries like the UK and Finland is ongoing and expected to be completed by summer. Furthermore, additional features and benefits will be added, particularly concerning KWC's home sector, the perfect store, or synergies with marketing.

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