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360-degree view of all customers with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

GEBHARDT Intralogistics conveyor systems are a prime example of how intelligent solutions pave the way to efficient warehouse management and logistics processes, such as custom manufacturing, just-in-time delivery, and automation. This is why more and more customers rely on its customized material flow systems. But more customers means GEBHARDT needs greater support.

The SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales solution helps the sales department handle the growing demand. Employees can compile highly complex technical quotes faster, as all the information required is available across all departments and channels. The system constantly tracks quote-to-close ratios and cycle times. Customer activities are evaluated live and in detail. Moreover, decision makers gain a comprehensive view of the enterprise. Now customers are delighted that everyone they communicate with always knows their projects and pending quotations in detail.


A constant flow of satisfied customers


  • Enhance customer relationships, and avoid redundant communication
  • Provide sales information to all departments on all channels throughout the company
  • Improve sales control
  • Accelerate quotation approval

Why SAP Hybris solutions

  • Ability to roll out the SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales solution cost-effectively
  • Mobile access to customer and sales information
  • Impressive range of functions
  • Long-standing positive experience with the SAP ERP application


  • Established standard processes with minimal adaptation required
  • Ensured the solution is always up to date with automatic updates
  • Completed implementation in just six weeks instead of the planned eight
  • Achieved high user acceptance thanks to modern interfaces, mobile access, and Microsoft Outlook integration


  • Faster generation of quotations
  • Better interdepartmental cooperation when processing inquiries
  • Greater transparency into sales opportunities and leads
  • Unified sales structure for parent companies and subsidiaries
  • 360-degree view of all customers

“We can now keep track of open quotations and contracts won and lost at all times. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales allows us to see where our company stands, at a regional, national, and international level.”

Marco Gebhardt, Managing Director, GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH

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