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Express delivery within 48 hours

Express delivery within 48 hours: this Case Study shows, how the digitalisation at Siegenia was realized with the introduction of SAP Commerce.

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Paths to digitalization in the window manufacturing industry

B2B e-commerce solution with online configurator at SIEGENIA

With trendsetting ideas around room comfort, SIEGENIA develops solutions for window, door and comfort systems to create rooms where people feel at ease. SIEGENIA set ambitious goals for the complete digital transformation of its orders and order processing: to increase speed, completely avoid configuration errors and simultaneously achieve a positive customer experience. Sybit turned this mission into a success – with SAP Commerce and Sybit’s own agile project methodology. The results are clear: satisfaction among SIEGENIA customers is high, and the speed from order processing to final delivery has increased significantly.

Starting point and goals

Starting point and goals SIEGENIA is active in an intensely competitive market. Accordingly, the price pressure is high. Digital innovations thus have the potential to grant a decisive competitive advantage and secure a company’s longterm success. SIEGENIA follows a multi-level sales strategy from building hardware merchants to processors (e.g. window makers or carpenters) and on to end users of the finished elements. Through digitalisation, SIEGENIA wanted to enhance its contact with customers by increasing the ease of every process from order submission to final delivery and by avoiding possible configuration errors in the initial order. Further goals were the reduction of internal costs and expedited delivery times.

These objectives led to the idea of digital configuration and ordering for the COMFORT UNIT. This encompasses every component of a complex lift-slide door system, from the fittings and operating elements to custom-made ground sills. The integrated shop system is fully linked to SAP and provides the customer-specific retail price or, for trade customers, the gross price. By introducing an e-commerce solution based on SAP Commerce, SIEGENIA aimed to make all relevant information available to customers while also eliminating errors in data entry. This requires access to the data in SAP R/3.

The creation of positive customer experiences and the associated increase in customer satisfaction were to be achieved partly through a simple and transparent process for configuring different options. By simplifying all processes for the merchants and processors connected to the system, which is achieved through digital order entry with automated processing and production, SIEGENIA aimed to further expand its competitive advantage.

„Our strength lies in our proximity to the market and to our customers. With the digitalisation of order processing and the elimination of errorprone routine activities, we can now take even better care of our customers. With the solution developed by Sybit, we have introduced not only an e-commerce platform but also a PIM system based on SAP Commerce. This allows us to achieve a high level of quality assurance and considerably increase our performance.“

Markus Bade, Head of Strategic Business Development at SIEGENIA


In developing an e-commerce solution with PIM based on SAP Commerce, Sybit devised an online shop with an option configurator as a convenient tool for configuration and taking orders. Because millions of different variations are possible during configuration, there was a significant probability of errors in the past.

With the new solution (SAP Product Configuration), misconfigurations (configurations that do not fit together) have been eliminated. Time-consuming coordination efforts are a thing of the past. Moreover, the errors are directly displayed and rectified in the configurator. This means that building supplies merchants, window makers and other processors can use the SIEGENIA shop to order flawless, tailor-made COMFORT UNITs – optimised lift-slide packages with ground sills. Processors can select their preferred merchant in the system and instantly receive a price in real time. The merchant, in turn, orders from SIEGENIA and sees the retail price (gross price - customer discount).

Once the order is received, the process is assigned a tracking code. The merchant and processor receive a confirmation of the delivery time and can monitor the production and delivery status.

Sybit project methodology

Sybit and SIEGENIA executed the project in line with an agile project procedure which calls for, among other things, a switch in perspectives to make customer requirements visible. Implementation, results and progress are initially discussed in shorter cycles of two weeks (sprints). This
places crucial importance not only on the “how”, but also on the “why”.

The advantage for the customer: even after short cycles, results are made visible that can be analysed and optimised. This provides a high level of transparency, as every person involved can see the current project status at any time.


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  • Simple process and validated data ensure “joy of use” among B2B partners
  • Clients thoroughly impressed by the solution: high customer satisfaction
  • The solution will entirely replace orders via PDF forms within a year
  • Reduced workload for internal and field sales teams
  • Typical queries no longer necessary thanks to elimination of misconfigurations
  • New transparency regarding the processing status
  • Speed advantage: process digitalisation allows data to be immediately passed on to production upon entry. Thanks to this approach, the time from order placement to final delivery can be reduced down to 48 hours for express deliveries upon customer request.
  • Pilot customers configured and ordered over 400 COMFORT UNITs within the first two months.
  • Following the positive feedback on the introduction in Germany, the system is being rolled out internationally.
  • Solution is to be adopted by the entire SIEGENIA GROUP

Customer Experience

Customer experience management (CXM) entails the systematic management of touchpoints to put customers and their needs at the centre of attention. The task here is to create consistently positive customer experiences along every part of the customer journey. In this way, a company can establish successful, long-term relationships with its customers.

SIEGENIA customers are impressed by the performance of the new system. This means that SIEGENIA has been able to create a positive customer experience and increase customer retention.



Innovation is a tradition at SIEGENIA – it has been for four generations now. The company’s thinking and actions are guided by the concept of room comfort. SIEGENIA’s goal is to work closely with customers in developing solutions for window, door and comfort systems that bring spaces to life and give people a sense of wellbeing. More than 2,800 employees tackle new challenges every day, making for an exciting industry and satisfied customers in over 80 countries around the world.


Headquarters: Wilnsdorf-Niederdielfen
Business: window construction industry
Employees: 2,800
Solutions:  SAP Commerce

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