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Take your customer engagement to the next level: Echobot CONNECT integration with SAP Sales Cloud delivers key customer data such as customer contacts, messages or financial KPIs at a glance.

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Find required business-information with a single click

Echobot Connect Integration with SAP Sales Cloud provides you essential customer data like customer contacts, news relating to your target customer or financial KPIs. This data gives your sales department insights to prepare for further sales calls or react to customer signals.

Echobot CONNECT offers you

  • all relevant customer data at a glance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Data transfer to SAP Sales Cloud

Your added Value

  • always find the right contact person
  • recognition of business signals
  • no more switching between applications

Key Features of Echobot CONNECT Integration

Integrated "Echobot Insights" Tab

The Echobot Data is accessible in an separated customer tab. Sales representatives can get an overview of address data, the total assets of the target customer or the net income. Due to constant updating of the Echobot data, base data in the SAP Sales Cloud can be checked for correctness compared to the Echobot data.

Commercial Register

Within the commercial register section any changes relating the organizational structure are displayed.

Signals & News

Signals and news generate a comprehensive view of the target customer and give hints to your sales personnel, which products or services will fit the need of your potential customer in his current situation. In addition an overview of current news improves the capabilities to prepare upcoming meetings or phone calls.

Contact Persons & employees

Echobot Connect provides a list of contact persons and employees through the Echobot web crawlers. This solves the problem of many Sales representatives these days identifying the right contact person or buying center. In addition to that, contact person can be synchronized with 1 click to the SAP Sales Cloud.


The finance section gives insights of past business periods. This might affect the potential assessment and gives information about the economic health of the considered customer.

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