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Digitalization in injection molding. Learn how DESMA is reorganizing its service and sales processes globally.

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Service and sales digitalisation at DESMA

Digitalisation in injection moulding

How DESMA is reorganising its service and sales processes globally

By means of sealing, damping, fixing and insulating, DESMA’s turnkey injection moulding systems produce sophisticated products that can be used in cars, ships, energy supply plants or medical devices. With innovative technologies and a comprehensive service, the company operates on a specific market with high demands, where it is necessary to have a precise knowledge of customer needs and solve their problems faster and more efficiently. With the SAP Service Cloud, the SAP Sales Cloud and Sybit as a partner, it is possible to achieve exactly this: optimised service and sales processes, combined with greater customer loyalty. 

The challenge

Many technical managers are familiar with a daily working life characterised by different Excel spreadsheets, long lead times and service logs on paper. Andreas Brand is one of them. Three years ago, he assumed responsibility for the technical service at DESMA and had the idea of replacing paper with apps, different reporting methods with transparent processes and local planning with global collaboration at five locations. “Over the course of the project, we've also seen a large number of synergy effects with respect to sales,” says Andreas Brand. For example, DESMA initially decided to introduce SAP CX Service and eventually also SAP CX Sales. 

The project

Following a project duration of eight months, the first service technicians began using the SAP CX Service. The solution was implemented in a standard-oriented manner, yet also flexibly to allow the subsequent implementation of other systems. The company primarily uses the field service functions in SAP CX Service, thus enabling its service technicians to work efficiently on customer premises. “Our department is pleased with the solution,” says Andreas Brand. What’s more, sales staff can also use SAP CX Sales to establish and maintain valuable personal customer relationships in an optimum way. Around 60 in-house employees and technicians in Germany and India are currently using the system, and the plan is to make it available to 100 employees worldwide.

Straightforward and flexible

„Sybit not only achieved good results in the project, but also provided us with straightforward and flexible advice throughout the entire process.“

Andreas Brand, Leiter technischer Service DESMA


  • Time savings: Routine tasks in service and sales are dealt with by an AI-supported service. Service orders, for example, are also mapped in SAP ERP. In sales, the daily lead reporting is drawn up without the need for manual maintenance.
  • Central administration of service assignments: Technicians are equipped with mobile tools and have access to customer information at all times.
  • Optimised resource planning: Global technician assignments can be planned more effectively 


  • Connection to SAP S/4HANA with internationalisation 
  • Roll-out of SAP CX Sales and SAP CX Service at
  • DESMA’s sites in China and the United States Connection of the customer hotline to the SAP CX Service Cloud


The Sybit project method

For DESMA, it was the first project with agile implementation. The targets were clear: fixed budget, fixed timeframe. The overall goal was also clear, and those involved in the project worked together in several steps to define how the goal could be achieved. The agile methodology makes it possible to work effectively with precisely these prerequisites. Thanks to this approach, the project team grew closer together, while the customer was fully integrated into the development team and actively helped to steer everything. In this way, the team succeeded in implementing the project in the prescribed time and within the specified budget.


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Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH

DESMA implements turnkey, resource-saving system solutions for the production of moulded articles made of technical rubber and silicone using injection moulding machines. With innovative technologies and a comprehensive service in tool manufacturing and injection moulding technology, DESMA meets the requirements of the elastomer processing industry. DESMA systems produce products that can be used, for example, in cars, ships, energy supply plants or medical devices.


Headquarters: Fridingen
Industry: Injection moulding and elastomer technology
Employees: 500
Solutions:  SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, S/4HANA

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