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AMANN Group Digitalises Global Sales, Marketing, and Service processes

What do ladies’ jackets, seatbelts, and diving suits have in common? They can only work properly thanks to the threads that hold everything together. AMANN produces the right threads for these and many other industries. The global player and technology leader produces threads that are designed to meet the highest demands and develops innovative seam concepts. To meet growing demand and develop an increasingly internationalised sales structure, the company opted to implement SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP JAM internationally for sales, marketing, and service.

The Project

The Task

Amann has been producing first-class sewing and embroidery threads for more than 160 years. The company constantly has to face new challenges, not only in terms of technology, but also in its sales structure – not only in terms of technology, but also in sales structure, which has become more global, whilst the variety of products offered increased enormously. In addition, threads are sold directly to production facilities or to end-product manufacturers, as well as through agents and other sales channels. Absolute transparency, based on a globalised and uniform database, was needed to keep an overview of all the customers, contacts, products, offers, and price approvals. As the sales, marketing, and service departments of Amann collaborate closely, it was vital that all departments have access to a solution that constantly provides all information available across the departments. Internal communication also had to be improved in order to free up time for the customer. To implement this project rapidly while satisfying the demands of all involved parties, the Project Manager Cloud first analysed all demands of the individual departments, worked out the necessary functionalities in joint workshops, and finally opted for a fast and close-to-standard introduction. The IT department was also advised and trained by the project partner Sybit to autonomously realise the international roll-out across 13 countries.

The Requirements

  • “Easy to use”: The attractive software interface should guarantee user acceptance
  • Performance: Fast response times for good usability
  • Mobility: Mobile availability on tablets should make work more efficient and increase transparency
  • Offline availability: Data should also be available in areas with low network coverage
  • SAP ERP integration for seamless offer and order management

The Solution

  • In-depth preparatory workshops with regional sales managers, key users, and departments
  • Support of the sales team to understand their demands
  • Fast, close-to-standard introduction
  • Gradual introduction of the SAP Hybris Sales Cloud in various languages in the first project phase. Launched in China as the pilot country, 13 countries in total
  • Introduction of the SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hybris Service Cloud in a second phase
  • Intensive coaching by project partner Sybit

Highlights & Customer Use

  • Fast roll-out in only two weeks per country
  • SAP Jam for internal communication reduces e-mail traffic
  • Efficient working, in time and on budget, thanks to agile project methodology (Scrum)

“We consciously opted for a close-to-standard SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer introduction. Thanks to Sybit’s precise coaching we could work autonomously and go live fast.”

Patrick Schulz, Project Leader Cloud, Amann GmbH

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