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This case study shows how the packaging machine manufacturer MULTIVAC is consistently orienting itself towards the customer with SAP Customer Experience. Worth reading!

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Customer Experience at MULTIVAC

How a mechanical engineering firm harmonises sales, service and commerce

MULTIVAC is a globally active medium-sized manufacturer of packaging machines for food, life science and healthcare products. In addition to its headquarters in Germany, the company’s 85 subsidiaries produce and sell a variety of packaging technologies, automation solutions, and labelling and quality control systems in 140 countries. A comprehensive service fleet ensures the consistent availability of MULTIVAC machines installed on all continents. Customer management in such an environment is highly complex and interwoven. For this reason, the company decided to harmonise all customer-oriented processes with the SAP Customer Experience solutions, from sales to commerce and service, in order to bring them to a whole new level. With Sybit as a partner, the project has grown into a prime example of future-oriented digital customer processes.

Starting position

An obsolete customer portal, a CRM on-premise and an inhouse solution in the service field – MULTIVAC’s digital infrastructure was still functional, but no longer viable for the future. To secure their competitive edge and keep up with the times in terms of technology, MULTIVAC logically decided to take things into the cloud. The requirements for the service area were clear: an improved connection to mobile devices, more efficient operational planning, optimisation of technician assignments and leaner, simpler processes overall. Transparency and efficiency were also a top priority for sales. The sales solution needed to be constantly available and have higher-quality data to more clearly reveal which opportunities are currently emerging on the market. Additionally, cooperation between sales and service and the back office was to be improved. There was a similar picture in the commerce area. MULTIVAC wanted to bring itself into the future by developing a cloud product with more interfaces and functions as well as an open infrastructure.

Project details

Introduction of SAP CX Sales

Enable the same access options to customer data for all internal employees. Establish better documentation and transparency. Optimise processes. Increase usability and acceptance. MULTIVAC achieves all these objectives with the new SAP CX Sales solution. It was introduced over six months in the first pilot country jointly with Sybit before being rolled out worldwide in several clusters.

  • 1,200 users
  • Activities, leads, opportunity and pipeline management
  • Special solution for machine configuration
  • Tailor-made offer management: offers can be generated out of SAP CX Sales and completed in uniform templates globally through a Word interface.
  • Every country can use Sales, even those with no SAP ERP
  • Added value for product management: the system shows which products are selling well and how competitor machines are performing on the market

Introduction of SAP CX FSM

A better tool for assignment planners and technicians. Mobile capability. Large benefits with manageable implementation effort. While maintaining the functions of the previous system. With the introduction of the SAP CX FSM solution, MULTIVAC fulfilled not only these wishes, but also became a pioneer together with Sybit – the SAP solution, just introduced in 2019, was brand-new at the time.

  • 800–1,000 users
  • Pioneering partners: MULTIVAC and Sybit established the first connection of the C4C solution as a ticketing tool to the FSM solution
  • SAP CX FSM enables increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved focus on service transactions
  • Guaranteed future viability, since functions are constantly expanded
  • Simpler, more attractive use for technicians and planners

Introduction of SAP CX Commerce

A modern successor for the existing customer portal, stateof-the-art both technologically and in terms of UX. Expanded functions. Mobile capability. Higher stability and speed. With SAP CX Commerce, MULTIVAC and Sybit have built a customer portal for the future.


  • 7 developers, 5 locations, 1 year, conducted entirely remotely
  • Higher speed: fewer retrievals in the ERP, since a synchronous call is not necessary for every function
  • B2C experience: custom UI, overview of all orders, offers and current services, including notification panel
  • Replacement parts shop: shopping cart shows price and availability, automatically records the serial numbers of machines used, with emergency mode for urgent orders
  • Self-service machine management: overview of the machine park including details on software and location, all documents including maintenance and warranty contracts available online, users can request new contracts, create service tickets and order suitable replacement parts
  • New entry point for smart services: the portal provides access to live machine data such as production goods, capacity, time schedules or error messages
  • Pro-active: customers or user groups can be notified of new products or smart services (e.g. through notifications of via SMS)

"The project definitely thrived due to the expertise on both sides. We were able to build on a broad foundation of previously gained knowledge and skills. The agile project method then ensured that the whole project arrived at the desired destination. The combination of agile and remote worked excellently for MULTIVAC and Sybit and was surely decisive for the success of the project.“

Dominik Rotter, Competence Lead Business Models & Processes, MULTIVAC


With the SAP Customer Experience solutions, MULTIVAC succeeded in harmonising the customer-oriented processes of a globally active corporation, improving its customer journey steering and getting itself technologically fit for the future. With optimised information provision, online services going far beyond the norm and efficient customer data management, the company is noticeably increasing customer satisfaction and its own operational speed. The close and fully transparent collaboration between MULTIVAC and Sybit was decisive for the success of this comprehensive CX project. Both sides brought experienced experts to the table who were highly committed to making use of the new tools. The result: the project ran entirely according to plan and came in partially under budget.




MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

MULTIVAC is a leading global manufacturer of integrated packaging solutions. In addition to the production of packaging machines, they also focus on solutions for processing and cutting, for marking and labelling and for quality inspections and product handling. The company’s market position is based in innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, a comprehensive product portfolio and many years of expertise and experience.


Headquarters: Wolfertschwenden, Bavaria
Industry: Mechanical engineering
Employees: 6.500
Solutions:  SAP CX Sales, SAP CX Service / FSM, SAP CX Commerce

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