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Find out in this case study how HORSCH digitizes its processes with the help of a service portal based on SAP Commerce Cloud.

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SAP Commerce Cloud at HORSCH

Service portal at Horsch digitalises all service processes

How does one manage to provide excellent customer service in the digital realm? This was the task faced by agricultural machinery producer Horsch in Schwandorf, Bavaria. Since its founding in the 1980s, the company, which manufactures agricultural machines for tillage, sowing and plant protection, has grown to become a global leader in its industry. This was accomplished through plenty of passion, high-tech innovation and excellent customer service.


In building a new digital customer portal, Horsch was faced with the task of making the success factor of customer service tangible at every online touchpoint in the customer journey in the form of positive customer experiences. Sybit realised this goal with a service portal based on SAP Commerce and fully integrated into SAP ERP. The transfer of customer experience was achieved: The solution has been very well received by Horsch dealers and will thus continue to support customer retention in the future.

Starting position

Horsch is known for its excellent service. Strong growth, however, led to the service employees being increasingly occupied by routine, repetitive tasks. For this reason, the company had long been contemplating the digitalisation of its extensive service offering. Over the past few years, dealers had also been requesting that relevant information be made available online for quick and uncomplicated retrieval.




With the digitalisation of all customer processes, Horsch intends to increase the efficiency of its customer service, create transparency around relevant information, and secure the flow of information between the company and its dealers. At the same time, customers should continue to enjoy excellent service.

Additionally, dealers should be given the ability to manage their own data. Further goals are a significant reduction in service team workload in terms of phone calls and the processing of routine tasks as well as better support for sales representatives.


  • Digital reflection of the company as a 'gateway to Horsch'
  • The Horsch brand should be perceptible at every digital touchpoint in the customer journey
  • Development of front end with Horsch-specific design
  • Processing of master data and optimisation of data quality
  • Provision of all dealer-relevant information for download
  • Overview of machine parks per dealer
  • Implementation of SAP Commerce as service portal
  • Seamless integration into SAP ERP
  • Rollout among dealers in Germany, then worldwide

„Our goal is consistently satisfied customers. We are increasing efficiency, improving the information flow and creating transparency with the service portal. In Sybit, we found a competent, trustworthy partner with whom we could work together in achieving these goals. Their agile approach to implementing the system was always transparent, and the progress of the project was always discernible.“

Günter Weinmann, Director of Service & Parts, HORSCH Maschinen GmbH


  • Improvement of the customer experience and thus increase in customer retention
  • Significant reduction of telephone activity in customer service
  • Quick access to relevant dealer data for salespeople
  • Self-administration by dealers saves time, personnel capacity and costs
  • Customer support information with instructions and parts lists
  • Management of machine parks
  • Access to replacement parts catalogue


In a service portal representing the 'gateway to Horsch', all service-related data should be retrievable according to dealer. All routine tasks, like processing warranty claims, should be simply and quickly performed independently by the dealers. The service portal was designed on the basis of SAP Commerce and seamlessly integrated into the SAP ERP system. The front end was optimised for HORSCH processes and enhances the positive user experience.

Sybit project methodology

Sybit and Horsch executed the project in line with an agile project procedure which calls for, among other things, a switch in perspectives to make the requirements of the service portal’s end users visible. Implementation, results and progress are initially discussed in shorter cycles of three weeks. This places crucial importance not only on the “how”, but also on the “why”. The advantage for the customer: even after short cycles, results are made visible that can be analysed and optimised. This results in a high degree of transparency and flexibility.


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HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

The family-owned company HORSCH was founded in 1984 and is a worldwide leader in the production of modern, innovative agricultural technology. With head offices in the Bavarian town of Schwandorf and approximately 1,600 employees, the internationally established company manufactures agricultural machinery for tillage, sowing and plant protection while standing for high-tech innovation in farming.


Headquarters: Schwandorf
Business: Machine Engineering
Employees: 1.600
Revenue: €402 million (2018)
Solutions: SAP ERP, SAP Commerce Cloud

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