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Application Management Services at PARI

With support from Sybit's AMS, PARI fully exploits the services of the new sales system, the SAP Sales Cloud.

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Application Management Services at PARI

How PARI takes full advantage of the new sales system’s capabilities

Anyone suffering from a respiratory illness should be able to count on effective treatment. As one of the leading global manufacturers of inhalation devices, the long-established company PARI, based in Starnberg, Bavaria, stands for quality. Since most of their products are generally sold through sales partners, the efficient maintenance of good relationships with doctors, pharmacies and specialist shops is a
decisive success factor for PARI. Accordingly, it is imperative that the sales force and back office teams be able to rely on a good sales system. This is why the company decided to introduce SAP Sales Cloud with Sybit as its project partner – all the way from the design phase to application management services.

The challenge for internal IT support

The increasing digitisation of more and more business areas can make it difficult to maintain an overview of complex IT and SAP landscapes. At the same time, internal IT departments are already often working at capacity with upgrades, patches, the implementation of change requests, and with system migrations, maintenance and user support. The scarcity of resources has a corresponding effect on the priorities of the support team. While employee satisfaction may be at the top of the list when it comes to support roles, in reality, end users require more daily support in precisely these areas:

  • Increases in productivity and performance
  • Reduction in technical disruptions
  • Elimination of bugs
  • Implementation of user wishes
  • Proactive problem-solving

At the same time, end users have a clear idea of how they could increase their productivity: with faster solutions and fewer outages. So how does a company ensure that all SAP solutions stay up to date while guaranteeing user satisfaction – and, as in the case of PARI, do this in the hybrid scenario SAP Sales Cloud/On-Premise? This calls for external know-how as well as process and technology experience to exploit the full potential of the SAP system while simultaneously reducing the workload of the IT team in the long term. PARI found its own clear answer to this question: they are placing their trust in support from Sybit and its application management service team.

The concrete support model in detail

  • Support: Supporting the IT team during ongoing productive operations
  • System monitoring: Monitoring the systems and initiating the steps necessary for stabilisation and troubleshooting
  • Rectification of data inconsistencies through data cleansing: Thanks to support from Sybit, there have been significant improvements in the time required for account searches, such as for a pharmacy address, among other things.
  • Incident management: Quick reaction to technical problems and security incidents
  • Problem management: Analysis of error causes and advice on avoidance
  • Change management: Sybit also offered support in the area of change management – for example, in establishing the link for the electronic transfer of order data in the area of OTC:
    Since 2019, PARI has employed ten new team members who are dedicated exclusively to sales of over-the-counter medical products in pharmacies. Order entry takes place in the SAP Sales Cloud, and the data is transmitted directly to pharmaceutical wholesalers via an interface.
  • Proactive support: Regular joint workshop days and forward-looking optimisations through proactive support from the Sybit AMS team save internal costs in the form of time resources.

AMS – the decisive factor in IT management

The outsourcing of application management services transfers the operation, maintenance and further development of applications to specialised providers on the basis of clear service agreements. This involves assembling the required services in a customer-specific service approach. Typical AMS tasks are the installation of software solutions, performance monitoring of applications/databases, security controls and change management for the relevant software. Successful AMS outsourcing guarantees medium-term flexibility and can free up internal resources. This makes AMS outsourcing a decisive success factor for IT management.

"The specialist expertise and know-how from the many projects that Sybit brings along are one very important topic. The other is that things have to fit on a personal level. Both are the case here in our AMS team.“

Cornelia Hilser, Global Module Owner SD/ CRM bei PARI



PARI is one of the leading global manufacturers of inhalation devices for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The long-established company from Starnberg profits from the experience and competence it has gathered across over 110 years of corporate history. The company has built up a global network over the years. From North and South America through Europe and South Africa all the way to
Asia and Australia: PARI products are available in over 80 countries.


Headquarters: Starnberg
Business: Medicine/pharmaceuticals/life science
Employees: 600
Solutions:  SAP Sales Cloud, Application Management Service

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