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Customer Experience at EMUGE-FRANKEN

The tool manufacturer EMUGE-FRANKEN relies on a modern, cloud-based customer platform that focuses on the perfect customer experience in all areas: commerce, sales, service and marketing.

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More power in sales and eCommerce

 “Customer behaviour has changed drastically in the past few years,”says Klaus Höllerer. It’s no longer just the best product that counts, but also a perfect customer experience. Klaus Höllerer is Head of IT at EMUGE-FRANKEN. A company from the tool industry that has changed again and again in its 100-year history – and is now well equipped for the digital future. With a modern, cloud-based customer platform that focusses on the perfect customer experience in all areas: commerce, sales, service and marketing.

EMUGE-FRANKEN develops, manufactures and sells more than 100,000 products in the fields of threading tools, clamping tools and milling tools – both in their standard product range and as customised products according to specific customer requirements. It is therefore crucial for the company to offer the best advice and provide access to all relevant information at all times.

“The customer expects all important and additional information about our products online and for download on our homepage – not only prices and availability, but also CAD data or cutting values.”
Klaus Höllerer, CIO EMUGE-Franken

The company wants to bring the increased expectations from the B2C sector to the B2B sector, also further developing the topic of personalised offers for sometimes complex products. And on a worldwide scale. EMUGE-FRANKEN is increasingly operating on the global market and now has 53 sales locations from North America to New Zealand.

“We also have to offer these customers appropriate products in the various markets,”
says Markus Seydaack, Sales Director at EMUGE-FRANKEN. 


More Power for sales 

  • Introduction of SAP Sales Cloud 
  • Simple access to all relevant real-time customer information for sales employees in both the internal and field sales teams
  • Use of SAP JAM as a collaboration platform
  • Connection to SAP ERP

The goal was to have standardised and up-to-date data everywhere at all times. “By introducing the SAP Sales Cloud, we successfully managed to concentrate information relating to multiple product groups on a single platform,” says Markus Seydaack. This grants every member of the sales team worldwide access to current information on the customer. 

The big advantage is mobile access anywhere in the world. For example, a sales representative can view all the information about a customer before visiting them, including their activities, their industry or the size of the company. The results after the customer meeting can be forwarded to the back office in real time. EMUGE-FRANKEN also uses lead management to actively track activities and follow up on issues.

  • Standardised introduction of accounts, activities and contact persons
  • In phase 2, extension to leads, opportunities and ticketing  
  • Improved communication with SAP Jam
  • Parallel implementation of the commerce project 
  • Establishment of a future-orientated platform for further CX projects









contact persons

Project Webshop - one face to the customer

The new website with the online shop offers all relevant information at a glance, including a user experience (UX) with a user-optimised, responsive design. The motto is “One face to the customer”. The website is a touchpoint on a well thought-out, end-to-end customer journey. In future, Emuge customers will be able to define special products and set their own specifications via the variant configuration – as well as seeing the price and delivery date. “Our new online shop has been very well received by the sales team and our customers,” says Klaus Höllerer.

  • Display of all relevant product data
  • Separate shopping carts according to sales organisation
  • Search through website contents and products
  • Illustration of products in 3D
  • Cutting values calculator for the product

Integration solutions 

  • Direct integration into the SAP ERP backend system for prices and delivery times
  • Validation and transfer of online shop orders through order simulation and generation in the ERP system
  • Celum Connector and SAP Sales Cloud




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More time for the essentials

The burden on the sales force is reduced and they can concentrate on advisory activities, as routine orders are processed via the new webshop.

Better customer experience

Through modern user interfaces, sophisticated touchpoints and personalised offers. 

Increased revenue 

Thanks to cross-selling and upselling potential, among other things.

Tapping of new customer segments

More opportunities for acquiring new customers, better Google ranking. 

Higher productivity and lower costs

Through simpler and automated processes.

“Sybit has always consistently pursued our goals and addressed our concerns. We were able to profit from Sybit’s comprehensive know-how in the SAP CX environment, especially with regard to licences, and would therefore always choose to entrust licences and projects to a partner like Sybit.”


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