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SAP Field Service Management (FSM, formerly coresystems)

This is how service works today: Satisfying customer requirements in real time

Mass production is not aware of any operating times. To keep the business running, 24/7 production must be guaranteed. Maintaining a high degree of productivity, efficiency and performance means there is an increased requirement for regular maintenance of production plants and machines.

The all-in-one solution SAP Field Service Management (FSM, formerly coresystems) in combination with the SAP Service Cloud forms the basis for efficient operational planning by your technicians on site. What’s more, SAP FSM also offers Crowd Service functionalities as standard, allowing you to address customer service questions faster, more purposefully and in real time, and thus deliver excellent service.

SAP FSM offers you

  • Crowd Service functionalities
  • Field Service analyses (reports & dashboards)
  • Customer portal for self-service
  • Field Service Knowledge Management
  • Order management in real time
  • Personnel and operational planning online and offline
  • Mobile Field Service App
  • Maximum security standards and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance

Your added value

  • Excellent customer service in real time
  • Through clever analyses and clear dashboards, customer service can be made more efficient and even faster
  • Educate your customers: help your customers to help themselves through the Self-Service Portal
  • Proactive planning of resources for the Field Service – no longer merely reacting to external influences
  • Move away from Excel tables and Outlook calendars to GDPR-compliant data storage in the Service

SAP Service Cloud: Perfect Field Service Moment

Vorschaubild für das Video SAP Sales Cloud Perfect Field Service Moment

SAP Service Cloud: Field Service

Vorschaubild für das Video SAP Service Cloud Field Service

SAP Service Cloud is a component of SAP Customer Experience and the Sybit CX Portfolio

Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.