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SAP Service Cloud

Strengthening customer relations through digitalised end-to-end service processes.

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Strengthening customer relations through digitalised end-to-end service processes. Completely re-focus your customer service with SAP Service Cloud. Introduce your customers to a consistent experience across all channels, allow your service employees easy access to comprehensive, contextual information – even on a mobile basis – and give your service managers real-time insights into the service of your call centre and sales force.

SAP Service Cloud offers you

  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest data protection guidelines
  • Contextual information management
  • Collaboration and knowledge management
  • Mobility and maximum usability
  • Self-Service portals
  • Comprehensive analysis and report functionalities
  • Comfortable solution connection to the central SAP backend

Your added value

  • Excellent customer relations and thus satisfied customers
  • Lower processing times and costs
  • Motivated employees
  • Optimised/higher solution rates
  • Efficient turnover and cost planning
  • Additional cross-selling and upselling opportunities

SAP FSM (Field Service Management) – meet service requirements in real time

This is how service works today: always equip your service representatives with the appropriate knowledge. Regardless of where or when! In addition to excellent sales force planning, SAP FSM (formerly coresystems) also provides you with Crowd Service tools.

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Key features of SAP Service Cloud

Service Ticket Intelligence

Thanks to the Machine Learning application for the SAP Service Cloud, service requests that, for example, are received via e-mail or social media channels are automatically analysed, categorised and forwarded to the appropriate service representative. This not only saves a great deal of time, but also reduces the potential for frustration in your customers.

IoT Services

Added value through the Internet of Things materialises only if the IoT data can be connected with existing master and transaction data and is integrated in existing processes. When correctly implemented and tailored, IoT-generated data provides insights that not only increase its added value, but also improve the customer experience.

SAP Asset Intelligence

Using the SAP Asset Intelligence Network, even more efficient and even more seamless processes can be achieved by exchanging information from manufacturers, service providers and plant operators based on the Cloud for the first time within a single platform easily, directly and in a standardised manner.

Predictive Maintenance

Support automation helps to diagnose and eliminate problems preventively with connected devices. This not only guarantees a reduction of maintenance and servicing costs, but also facilitates the design of much more efficient processes.

Ressourcenmanagement / Crowd Service

Thanks to the “Crowd Service” solution of Coresystems , you can set up user-specific platforms for targeted and fast resource searches together with the customer. Build up your service team from your own proven and reliable service specialist network. Simply draw on the skills and qualifications of service providers to offer the customer the best possible professional service.

Customer Loyalty

Transactional customer service fulfils the wishes and requirements of your customer. Customer problems offer ideal opportunities for creating loyal customers. Preventive support or on-point interaction – with the service solution, you can exceed the expectations of your customers and set new standards.

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SAP Service Cloud (EN)


SAP Service Cloud is a component of SAP Customer Experience and the Sybit CX Portfolio

Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.