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Sybit service portfolio: Implementation

In the implementation phase, we assume responsibility for efficient controlling and project management in addition to the implementation, migration and development. Thanks to an agile project methodology, we make sure that your project can be completed both on time and within your budget. This methodology remains highly transparent and flexible throughout the process.

Project Management

Sybit project management sets the foundation for a successful joint project.

Our project management encompasses the following key tasks:

  • Time Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management
  • Personnel Management
  •  Quality management
  • Acquisition management
  • Cost management

We offer you absolute transparency on the progress of your project at all times via our project management tool Jira. As the customer, you can see precisely which features are being implemented and who is working on them.

Our project managers create monthly reports and detailed Sprint reports while also engaging in constant dialogue with you. This allows us to identify and address risks as early as possible.

Project methodology

The Sybit project methodology is based on a clear, structured approach with proven concepts and tools for ensuring the preconditions for a successful, comprehensive project. This has led us to expand on the agile project methodology with Phase 0, in which we work together with you to maximise your business value. This approach delivers clear results that flow into an agile project implementation process.

Implementation & testing

The implementation of your project’s most important components is carried out in close collaboration. In addition to Scrum, a key aspect of the agile project method are Sprints, in which we present you with intermediate results every 14 days and discuss possible changes. Our developer teams are self-organising to enable their best possible performance.

Part of this rhythm is a review, in which the implemented solution components are examined once again. Are we on the right path?  Are any changes or enhancements desired? What is the current project status in regard to time, budget, risks and deadlines?

Tests are an integral part of our development. This is why all developments are subject to ongoing testing in addition to functional acceptance tests in the context of the reviews. If necessary, additional manual testing can also be done, for example, in the cutover phase prior to rollout.

As a customer, you have direct access to our project monitoring tool (JIRA) and can see in real time what work is being done and which points are still outstanding.

How you benefit from this approach:

  • close collaboration on equal footing
  • early identification of new demands
  • quick reaction to changing needs
  • transparent work thanks to an electronic Scrum board (JIRA)


The data migration is a central topic (though it cannot be clearly assigned to any one phase or project component) that deserves special attention in the context of a SAP Customer Experience implementation.

The following is a recommended approach for the migration topics and tasks in the context of an SAP Customer Experience implementation. This is based on our experience and extensive knowledge of SAP Customer Experience Solutions and the technological possibilities.

Sybit recommends establishing migration as an individual workload (project component) with at least one migration specialist and taking it into account in project planning from the very beginning.


In order to ensure project progress, we define clear channels of communication for quick and efficient decision-making before the project even starts. The steering group plays a key role here. This group makes fundamental decisions, monitors progress, sets priorities and approves changes.

In our projects, we recommend including at least one representative from Sybit in the steering group. Experience has shown that the steering group should meet regularly – not only when problems arise.

Cutover & rollout

Following a successful implementation, the cutover phase entails setting up the productive system landscape and conducting final tests, system approval, migration runs and transports, if relevant.

The hypercare phase begins directly after successful loading and go-live. A successful go-live can lift the spirits of an entire company, while a failure can lead to a tool never being accepted. Intense preparations are already made in the implementation phase for Day X – the go-live date. This allows us to cover all steps from system delivery to the final quality control via system tests.

For the actual go-live, we guarantee you direct access to our implementation team through our hypercare support. Thanks to this direct communication channel, we can quickly address any eventualities and questions in an uncomplicated manner.

We guide you through the decision-making process regarding your rollout plan (which countries first?), method and execution drawing on our years of experience in various global and national rollouts throughout.

Other components of the Sybit service portfolio

Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.

SAP Customer Experience is fourth-generation CRM

SAP Customer Experience Solutions combines technologies and solutions for all departments in an in-memory suite. Among other things, it combines features such as machine learning and the Internet of Things with classic CRM functionalities. It harmonizes all your customer data at the same time and cleans up with previous data silos. This gives your company an even more comprehensive view of your customers.

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