User Experience Design

User Experience Design in the B2B environment involves far more than pleasing visual design. Convincing applications and apps reflect the individual requirements of your customers: in the design, the information architecture, a coherent navigation concept, as well as intelligent search and filter functions.

In a professional commercial environment, the quality of the operating concept, of the user interface, and of the individual user experience has a crucial effect on acceptance and thereby on the success of innovative applications and services. Our experienced UX experts understand you, your business model, the technology, and your customers.

Our Approach

Design Thinking

Thorough analyses and regular user tests in combination with an agile, iterative design process provide the foundation for the development of intuitive, user-centered applications that encourage interaction and strengthen the user’s feeling of competence.


Following the user-centered design approach, we develop Personas and User Journeys, among other things, to identify both psychological factors affecting the user as well as industry-specific usage scenarios and the technological context in the course of the design process.

You benefit from:

  • optimized conversion
  • increased user acceptance & frequency of use
  • improved customer loyalty
  • better mobile applications
  • better projection of the quality of your portfolio
  • increased trust in your brand
  • minimization of development cost and time
  • reduced costs in First Level Support
  • improved recommendation marketing

What we do for you


Brilliant concepts are not made on the drawing board but in dialog with all those involved. We leave the ivory tower and boldly move into the user’s reality.

  • Personas
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Ideation

Interface/Interaction Design

We develop superbly intuitive and sophisticated user interfaces.

  • Wireframing
  • Atomic Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Visual Design

User Testing

Paper is patient (according to an old German proverb) – users are not. The use of prototypes and user tests allows diverse potential solutions to be tested rapidly. The methods we use include the following:

  • User Interview
  • A/B Testing
  • Remote User Testing
  • Field Study

Front-End Development

Component-based, dynamic, responsive. In the front-end, all experiences of the UX process merge into a unique consistent whole.

  • Atomic Design
  • Living Style Guide
  • Component Driven Development
  • Test Driven JS-Development

Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.

SAP Customer Experience is fourth-generation CRM

SAP Customer Experience Solutions combines technologies and solutions for all departments in an in-memory suite. Among other things, it combines features such as machine learning and the Internet of Things with classic CRM functionalities. It harmonizes all your customer data at the same time and cleans up with previous data silos. This gives your company an even more comprehensive view of your customers.

Consulting offerings in the Sybit service portfolio

Are you considering a project in the area of e-business, sales, marketing or service and would like a personal consultation on the chances, possibilities and challenges involved in implementation? Take advantage of our free face-to-face discussions and individual workshops to consult with our specialists on specific questions:

1-to-1 Websession

Would you like an individual web session that hones in on your needs and questions? Then get in touch with our e-business experts.


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On-site presentation

Would you prefer a face-to-face discussion at your place of business? We will gladly send one of our specialists to evaluate your first steps towards successful digitalisation with you.

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Take advantage of knowledge sharing with our experts. Whether you are interested in e-business strategy, platform development, the conception of downstream processes or comprehensive customer engagement and commerce.

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What can we do for you?

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Alexander Binder
UX/UI Design Lead