Reaching new heights with customer-oriented business processes

Bring your digital customer experience to a whole new level with Sybit

The digital competition is heating up across all sectors. Only with an exceptional customer experience can you win new, loyal customers in the long term.

We serve as your partner as you transform your customer-oriented business processes for a digital world. Take advantage of our commerce, marketing, sales and service expertise in strategy, operations and management. Sybit takes a holistic approach. We focus on your system’s users, process optimisation, revenue and digitalisation and advise you accordingly.

Do these IT problems sound familiar?

  • Historically evolved, global IT structure.
  • No overview of existing systems in the various departments.
  • No links between partial architectures across departments.
  • Isolated processes and data spread across multiple systems.
  • Several systems with identical data.
  • The people within the systems are not a main focus – no user orientation.
  • No method for implementing company goals and specialist requirements (digitalisation) in IT.

What we offer you

  • High level of competence and experience in the fields of service, commerce, sales & marketing
  • State of the art methodology & agility
  • Interlinking of business and IT objectives through a roadmap
  • Experience from a range of projects in the manufacturing industry    
  • We see ourselves as strategists, implementers & doers who understand and develop customers

How we advise you

We design our workshops, coaching sessions and strategies using our agile approaches and the design thinking methodology. Along the way, we proceed in an interactive manner, foster team spirit and quickly produce extraordinary results. We take four areas into account here:

Enterprise architecture for your customer experience

An IT system requires a basis for design, specifications and decision-making. A baseline plan for customer experience (auch Unternehmensarchitektur genannt) takes a holistic view of a company’s IT systems and domains.

It therefore comprises interactions between IT and the company’s business activities that have been developed in the strategy, always taking into account customer requirements regarding digitalisation. This is then always followed by a detailing and mapping of the IT landscape. 

We aim for 3 main goals in this:

Design and Specification Basis

The building plan serves as the basis (input) for the design and specification of software, information and integration layers. Also for the process modelling of the IT systems.

Decision Basis

The building plan delivers insights into the links between cross-departmental partial architectures and analyses. This enables early recognition of problems and consequences. It is also a suitable method for determining the IT consequences of the larger company vision.

Communication Basis

The building plan serves as a source of information for the various stakeholder groups of the company’s applications. An understanding of structures and developments within the company should be fostered.

We incorporate the following topics here:

SAP Customer Experience is fourth-generation CRM

SAP Customer Experience Solutions combines technologies and solutions for all departments in an in-memory suite. Among other things, it combines features such as machine learning and the Internet of Things with classic CRM functionalities. It harmonizes all your customer data at the same time and cleans up with previous data silos. This gives your company an even more comprehensive view of your customers.

Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.

What can we do for you?

Do you have any questions about our services or do you wish to arrange a consultation? We shall be pleased to assist you and look forward to meeting you. Simply get in touch with us.

Fabian Huber
Digital Strategy Consultant
Fabian Huber Sybit