The foundation of successful projects

Sybit service portfolio: Conception

The foundation of any successful project is a clear strategy based on needs analysis. We support you through the conception phase by helping develop your digital strategy while simultaneously making sure you are well set up for the future. In addition, we perform our needs analysis in a manner transparent for all project participants using Phase 0, a methodology we developed ourselves. At this stage of the project, our UX experts focus in particular on achieving the necessary user acceptance through logical navigation design and individual user experiences.


Intelligent planning across the whole value chain. Prepare strategically, act economically – a custom digital strategy is the backbone of your digital business model.

It is the starting point of all online activities. It defines your long-term course of action regarding processes, platforms, partners and marketing. We offer you a foundation for future success by taking into account all content- and process-related success factors when developing your digital strategy. Moreover, we support you in establishing a competitive market position and setting business goals geared towards long-term profitability.

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Proof of Concept (PoC)

Some fields and projects are complex and carry a certain investment risk. With the PoC approach, you avoid large risks and obtain a basis for your decision-making process – simply, quickly and cost-effectively. This basis can, in turn, serve as the gateway to a possible project implementation. Already proven by countless applications, this approach simultaneously guarantees the success of all subsequent follow-up projects.

Your added value:

  • Core business processes are identified; demands are precisely recorded and clearly defined
  • Reduced project risk from the very beginning
  • Total expenditures become calculable and one-time costs are manageable
  • Lower consulting fees in the implementation phase, leading to a significant overall cost reduction
  • Visualisation of the solution and acceptance tests allowing for further optimisation or adjustment of the design layout
  • Increase in overall project productivity

Phase 0

Phase 0 lays the foundation for a project. In this phase, we analyse both your specific needs and existing technological infrastructure while consulting you in relation to your strategic goals. Together, we decide on a targeted strategy and concrete solutions that meet both your own needs and those of your customers. Clear objectives and the identification of success factors and risks are another central focus, alongside process design, formulating user stories, and conducting professional and technical workshops.

This project stage can be characterised as:

  • a methodology for developing a concrete needs analysis using familiar concepts
  • a clear and structured approach which builds on individual elements while always keeping the end user in focus
  • an approach that delivers clear results and leads to an agile project process (Scrum)
  • a process that takes the entire project team on a journey towards the implementation of a complex vision

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User Experience Design

User Experience design in the B2B environment entails far more than just a visually appealing layout. Convincing applications reflect the individual needs of their users – in the design and information architecture as well as through logical navigation and intelligent search and filtering functions. In a professional business environment, the quality of the operating design, the graphical user interface and the individual user experience are crucial for the acceptance and, consequently, the success of innovative applications and services. Our experienced UX experts understand you, your business model and your customers as well as the technology.

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Other components of the Sybit service portfolio

Customer Experience (CX)

Through the interlinking of intelligent sub-processes from the Marketing, Sales, Service and E-Commerce departments, companies succeed in seamlessly integrating all customer-oriented processes and in the company-wide collection, consolidation, evaluation and use of valuable information for custom-fit customer communication, customer interaction and customer transaction.

SAP Customer Experience is fourth-generation CRM

SAP Customer Experience Solutions combines technologies and solutions for all departments in an in-memory suite. Among other things, it combines features such as machine learning and the Internet of Things with classic CRM functionalities. It harmonizes all your customer data at the same time and cleans up with previous data silos. This gives your company an even more comprehensive view of your customers.

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