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B2B E-Commerce Platform:
Aiming for the perfect customer experience

With a B2B e-commerce platform, companies ensure an exceptional customer experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and their willingness to buy.

Amazon, eBay, Zalando – customers now routinely use online shops to obtain product information, make choices at their leisure and place their orders in a convenient manner. And that no longer applies just to books or shoes. Screws and wall plugs, machines and equipment, hardware and software are now also purchased online. Apart from the products and services on offer, ensuring that B2B customers will fill the shopping cart and actually click on the ‘Buy’ button requires one thing above all: impressing them with a superb customer experience.  Not only will that increase their level of satisfaction and therefore their loyalty to the company. The perfect customer experience  will also enhance their willingness to buy.

Anybody who wishes to provide such an exceptional experience in their online shop needs a solid technological basis, a high-performance B2B e-commerce platform. Such a platform brings together all the relevant information from the company’s different systems and controls all purchasing and sales processes. This has a two-fold effect. First, customer expectations can be fulfilled or even exceeded. And secondly, the entire process flow is slimmed down considerably, from the compilation and ongoing maintenance of the product data to the handling of the delivery.

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B2B Sales Platform Bundles Information and Organizes Workflows

By providing a B2B sales platform, companies enable their sales staff to meet demanding customers eye to eye. It also speeds up workflows.

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