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Modern service on all channels:

Customers can reach Viessmann quickly and reliably via social media

Lived customer dialog and efficient service management – these are the declared aims of the Viessmann Group. As a leading international manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems as well as a competent service provider, the family business sets benchmarks. To realize these benchmarks in the dialog with the customer as well, Viessmann decided to implement SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement with consulting firm Sybit in combination with the Feld C CommunityConnector.

Original situation: increasing number of inquiries received via social media

Customers can now reach the service experts of the old-established company via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, on various forums for construction services and heating systems as well as in the Viessmann Community. Many issues require a high degree of specialist competence. The Viessmann Social Media Service Team is therefore staffed with product experts with specific expertise, who answer the queries in their specialist areas on all channels.

The solution: integrated processes to provide a clear overview and enable a fast response

As the social media activities and the social media service at Viessmann expanded over time, it soon became clear that to enable a speedy and efficient response would require some resilient software for the central collection, processing, and analysis of messages from all channels. That was the only way for the Social Media Service Team to keep an overview of everything, to process incoming inquiries and queries in a structured manner using ticket management, and to document the increasing importance of the service offering on social media channels with solid figures through continuous monitoring and reporting.

In collaboration with the Marketing Team, different suppliers were evaluated; in the end, use of SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement in conjunction with the Feld C CommunityConnector emerged the clear favorite. The decisive factors included the ease with which SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer could be integrated into Viessmann’s existing IT landscape and the possibility of establishing connections to all important channels from social media to international specialist forums by means of the Feld C CommunityConnector.

Feld C CommunityConnector

Feld C CommunityConnector is a software solution for connecting numerous forums, product evaluation platforms, and social networks with a CRM, Service Desk, or Social Media Engagement tool. With the Feld C CommunityConnector, companies can collect, analyze, and comment on messages in forums, customer opinions on product evaluation sites, and posts on social networks.

Interview with Beatrix Heinritz, Head of Correspondence & Commercial Service Management at Viessmann GmbH & Co. KG

Since when has Viessmann offered service via social media and how did it develop?

We started the first social media activities at Viessmann back in 2009. Finally, in 2013, a Social Media Service Team was established in the Technical Service unit of Viessmann Germany.

What added value does Social Customer Service offer to your company and to your customers?

The contact between our company and our customers is becoming more intensive. Faster response to queries, improved communication. A cooperative climate has developed, particularly with the start of our Viessmann Community. The customer response has been huge and the development has brought great benefits for both sides – for the customers and for us as supplier and consultant. We receive information first hand and can pass on our knowledge more quickly.

When and how was the decision made to implement a software solution for customer service via social media?

Within a year from the social media kick-off we realized that to continue fulfilling our customers’ needs we would require a tool that would bundle all queries, messages, and information about our products and our company. That would also help our staff in dealing with the queries. On the Internet, it is enormously important to reduce response times to a minimum. Fast, competent, and factually correct answers and comments are absolutely essential where the social media dialog is concerned.

You evaluated various suppliers – what finally convinced you in your decision-making?

The opportunity of having a say and being involved in the development. To be taken seriously as a customer. And the cloud provides the highest level of security. The consulting competence ultimately tipped the scales.

And last but not least – what has your experience with the new solution been?

We had set ourselves an ambitious target. The project was completed in just under three months. We have now been working live since mid-September, and our staff were involved throughout the project phase and taken seriously. The result is a product which our social media agents have accepted and which they can help evolve on the basis of their practical experience.

The Company

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. Founded in 1917, the family business employs approximately 11,600 employees worldwide and generates 2.2 billion Euro in annual group sales. Viessmann has a strong international outlook – it maintains 22 manufacturing companies in 11 countries, subsidiaries and representatives in 74 countries, and a total of 120 sales offices worldwide. Exports account for 56 percent of sales.

“The consulting competence ultimately tipped the scales”

Beatrix Heinritz, Head of Correspondence & Commercial Service Management, Viessmann GmbH & Co. KG