Intralogistics 4.0 – Sybit implements SAP Leonardo

To the Smart Factory with GEBHARDT Galileo IoT

Keeping things moving – that is the main aim of the GEBHARDT material handling technology. For customers of the family-owned business, even a short stoppage of conveyor belts, sorting systems, or load handling devices can totally disrupt the production schedule. With SAP Leonardo, which GEBHARDT has implemented in collaboration with Sybit GmbH, the company now ensures that all relevant data is collected via sensors and displayed in real time in a central cockpit. The collaboration produced a completely new system, named GEBHARDT Galileo IoT, which enables the company to perform maintenance work before a part becomes too worn or starts working inefficiently. This benefits both the company and its customers because service visits can be planned better and breakdowns can be avoided. And thanks to the latest technologies, GEBHARDT is now well prepared for Intralogistics 4.0.


The Internet of Things is one of the keys for realizing Industry 4.0 scenarios – and it also offers great potential for intralogistics. On the path towards the Smart Factory, GEBHARDT aims at guaranteeing its customers the efficient operation of their material handling systems through the networking of production and logistics processes as well as the introduction of intelligent monitoring and control processes. This is all based on the transmission of sensor data into the cloud and the visualization of this data via dashboards. Ultimately, all the information about the equipment is to be bundled centrally, ensuring smooth system operation – potentially involving some remote maintenance. To make this happen, data is collected and transmitted in millisecond cycles. This produces huge volumes of data, which need sorting, qualifying, and being responded to appropriately.


  • Reducing the number of on-site visits through the use of Augmented Reality and Predictive Maintenance
  • Efficient collection of sensor data and utilization of this data to improve service
  • Providing support to customers with respect to energy-efficient material handling
  • Long-term: scalable approach up to and including usage-based billing


  • Material flow monitoring
  • High availability 24/7
  • Upward scalability
  • Dashboard displaying all intralogistics areas
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Virtualization of material handling systems

Technical Solutions

  • Use of SAP Leonardo as cockpit for the equipment data
  • Da ta transfer into the cloud
  • Use of a 3D digital twin as Single Source of Truth
  • ntegrated augmented reality applications: with the aid of QR codes, 3D objects and status monitoring information can be shown and manipulated via gesture control

“Supported by our partner Sybit, we have ventured into a totally new technological field with SAP Leonardo. We have learnt a great deal along the way – and we are now all the more pleased to be able to offer our customers top-class service .”

says Marco Gebhardt, Managing Director of the  GEBHARDT Group

To Gebhardt customers:

  • Greater system reliability and utilization
  • Reliable maintenance and service provision prevents machine stoppages
  • Greater transparency and planning reliability
  • Profit maximization

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Gebhardt Group

With a workforce of some 450, the GEBHARDT Group develops and manufactures complete intralogistics solutions. A high degree of vertical integration, producing flexibility and short response times, as well as continuous internal quality control characterize the company’s work. From the conveyor roller to the complete aisle stacker, GEBHARDT manufactures everything itself on some 14,500 square meters of production space. “100 percent Made in Germany". Subsidiaries in the UK, Austria, Poland, and the USA as well as an international distribution network with partner companies guarantee maximum customer proximity.

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